Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Mug Rug Patterns Available!

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Hi Everyone,

I've been sooo excited this past week! I've been working on some of my mug rug designs and getting them ready for you to purchase! Let me introduce the Mug Rugs I designed for The Quilter Magazine a year ago.

mug rug, denise clason, quilt, christmas tree
Joy Mug Rug 8-1/2" x 11"  

snowman, mug rug, denise clason, quilt
Snowman Mug Rug 8-1/2" x 11"
They are so cute together, you'll want to buy them both! They also make GREAT gifts, and it is NEVER too early to get started on those! (There are only 48 weeks left  until Christmas!) I know, I know....It always sounds closer when you say it in weeks, am I right?

Be sure to check them out in my E-Patterns store. These are PDF's and are delivered by email. So, there are no shipping costs!

I also have some Insul-bright to use for the batting. It has a heat barrier to protect your surfaces! GREAT prices!

Look for more patterns! I'll be posting a Valentines Mug Rug this WEEK!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Making Christmas Gifts ~ Standard Pillow Case (Free Pattern)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm so sorry that I've been away from my blog for soooo long. I've been busy. This past week I've been making Christmas Gifts for family members. Each year I end up having some sort of project theme. This year it is pillow cases.

I made about 6 different pillow cases this year. Some of them were purchased, but, I did embroider their names on the edges.

First, I'll show you what those look like:

embroidered pillow cases,
Embroidering "Chris" onto a pre-made pillow case.
I used some nice and a little shiny, thread by Isocord. (white on white) It embroidered very well. I used an embroidery needle to help with the fast speed. This special embroidery needle keeps your threads from breaking. It is worth the extra to purchase a specialty needle. I'd rather spend extra, that try to fix a broken thread in the middle of an embroidery job.

I also made two more pillow cases for this particular family. The airplane pillow case is for their son, who is 22 years old and has been in love with airplanes his whole life. And, The little birdie pillow case is for his younger sister, she is 11 yrs old. I just LOVE the way the blue/pink case looks, and it is also very soft, important for those little girls faces!
denise clason makes pillow cases
All pillow cases are finished. 
Standard Pillow Case: 
(20" x 26")

2/3 yard, main print
1/3 yard, secondary print (edge)
3" x 44" (coordinating print) Note: I used 2-1/4" wide for the above pillow cases.

1. Fold coordinating print in half, with right sides out, and press.
The "blue" strip, it is folded and pressed.
2. Lay main print, facing up, position the pressed coordinating print (raw edge) along the 42-45" edges.

3. Lay secondary print, face down, on top of the above two fabrics. Pin and then sew a 1/4" seam along edge.
Pin and sew all three layers together and sew.
4. Press secondary print up, along with the seam allowance, and coordinating print down.
Press blue print down, floral print up.
5. Fold the pillow case, right sides together, in half lengthwise, and match the seams and pin. (make sure all of the seams match) Sew a 5/8" seam along selvage edge, pivot at the corner and sew along the bottom edge.

6. Zig-zag along the bottom edge of the pillow case.

7. Leave pillow case inside out, position onto the ironing board. Press the top edge of the secondary print 1/4" toward the inside of the pillow case.
The cutting board is NOT usually on the ironing board, I have it there for the Picture only.
8. Fold the secondary print down to just cover the seam allowance. Pin into place with the pin "head" toward the edge of pillow case (for ease of removing while sewing)
Position pins with the "head" toward the right edge of pillow case. This makes them easier to remove.
9. With matching thread in the needle and bobbin. Top stitch the coordinating print to the pillow case. (I do this because this piece always folds up and looks messy.) Do not remove the pins, yet!
I've added this step because I like my fabric to lay down. Typically after washing this little ornery piece wants to flip up and go all over the place.
10. With matching thread in the needle and bobbin, top stitch the secondary print to the pillow case. Backstitch at the end.
I'm using my 1/4" foot for the topstitching. It has a nice edge to follow.
I like this pillow case sewing method because it keeps you from seeing the side seams when the pillow case is right side out.

Finished Pillow Case! I love how it turned out. The colors are so pretty and bright. Happy Sleeping to my daughter-in-law. It will be HER Christmas present! (shuuuush)
Have fun mixing and matching different prints! That is one of my favorite things to do, put fabrics together!

Note: I made several of these at the same time, doing the same step, and you'll be able to make more of them a lot faster!

ENJOY and Merry Christmas!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Table Runner & Napkin Ring Pattern

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Hi Everyone! (I'm reposting this, because it is PERFECT for the holidays!) Previous post, showing the Fall Runner I made!

I have a very talented daughter, named Erin Winfree! She designed a beautiful table runner for an online magazine and I wanted to share it with you. [I am a proud mama!] She picked out the fabrics from my stash and away she went! She figured out a pattern for any skill level! AND it turned out beautiful!.... as you can see:

This is THE perfect runner for Thanksgiving! Very Fall looking and you still have time to make a few for your friends, too...and Christmas gifts!

Erin Winfree's Table runner, napkin rings
Runner is 17" x 47"

She used Warm & Co. Insul-bright for the batting, so that when a hot pan sits on top, it will protect the table top! Isn't that genius!? The pattern also comes with a napkin-ring pattern. 

Erin Winfree's Table Runner and Napkin rings
Table runner and napkin ring
Erin Winfree's napkin ring

This can be made many times in different seasonal colors! Easy to make and machine quilt! Enjoy! I have!

If you are interested in a pattern packet with all of the instructions and the Illustrations, please click the link below:

$7.99 (Paper pattern, only)
$6.99 (E-Pattern)
$16.99 (Paper Pattern and 1 yd Insul-brite)
Have Fun Quilting, XOXO


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Organized Fabric Cupboard

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Hi everyone!

It's been taking me a long time to organize just one of my fabric you ever have this problem? I have been taking out my scrap fabric bags and cutting the pieces into usable pieces. And, I love this, but, didn't realize I had so many scraps. I'll be glad to have them ready to go for a great project.

In the mean time, I thought I would take out the "blues" and "florals" of one cupboard and get them organized. It is the same place I keep my precuts, such as jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, etc.

Here's the Before:
fabric storage, denise clason
Fabric storage BEFORE!

Notice the bags on the bottom right? those are my scraps! And soon, they will be strips, squares, half-square triangles...ready for a project!
Here's the After:
fabric storage, denise clason
It looks sooo much better, don't you think?!
The "stash" looks so much better! (even the color of the picture is better, after I reorganized the fabric, haha) I have my precuts stacked two deep, and I was able to get all of them on the shelves. I've usually had them laying around my studio just looking beautiful...and cluttered at the same time.

When my cupboards look this nice, it makes me want to quilt! Now, to remove all of my stacked fabric from my cutting boards and find a place for them on the shelves, where they deserve to be!

fabric storage
Isn't this sad? I need to put these all away. The yellow bag has a collection of civil war prints, I've collected, for a quilt. So, I'm not sure I can separate them.
I removed my purple prints from the "shelves," because I needed more room for my, it will take some maneuvering to get them back on the shelves.... I am running out of shelf space. But, Aren't the fabrics pretty just sitting there waiting to be put away? I haven't been able to find cabinet space, so these beautiful prints are in a wire basket on the side of my 8' cutting table.

Can you see my beautiful paints in the background. My husband made my paint racks for me, so they are in view, as well as away from my shelves! 

Happy organizing! Now, I want to quilt, fabrics inspire me! do they do that to you, too?


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Olfa Retro Apron Tutorial

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Hi Everyone!

I have a fun little "working" apron for you. I received this little "tear sheet" pattern from Fall Quilt Market and wanted to share.

I purchased my very first Olfa rotary cutter in 1989! I still have it and love it! Now, they have so many different styles and sizes to help a quilter work more efficiently and safely.

Enjoy the apron pattern to store your quilting tools while you quilt! Click on the image and then print.

rotary cutter apron, Olfa

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rebekah Meier Stencil Blog Hop

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Hi Everyone,

My very good friend, Rebekah Meier designed some GREAT Stencils for crafting and creating mixed media projects for your home and for gifts!

These stencils can be used in many different ways, on fabric, wood, paper, metal, even on your walls! Get creative and make up something you will love! Here is a picture of the whole line. You can buy them from The Crafter's Workshop.

denise clason, stencils
There are many fun stencils to work with in several different sizes, 6" and 12"
Rebekah sent me some 6" stencils to play around with and I decided to make a wooden plaque, using some of my favorite materials, Paint, glazing medium, metallic paint, and old vintage hardware.

I started with an 8" x 10-3/4" arch wooden plaque # 23426 (Walnut Hollow)

denise clason
Walnut Hollow Arch Plaque #23426
I lightly sanded it with 200 grit sandpaper.

Then with Sulky's Temporary Spray Adhesive, I adhered the 6" Stained Glass stencil onto the upper part of the wooden plaque.

You may use other Temporary Sprays, I just happen to have this one. It is my favorite, because I can use it on a lot of different surfaces and it is safe. They also have a "green" label, too.

denise clason

Then I spread some spackle with a metal spatula. Be sure to clean your materials, the stencil and spatula  will dry quickly.

With the large Tulip Fabric brush, I painted the plaque with Americana Satin Paint, Almond.

Dip your brush into water, tap onto a paper towel, then into the paint and with a back and forth method, paint the wood on all sides. You may want to have a can to place the board onto for drying and painting, so that you don't get stuck to your surface.  Let dry. Clean brush in water.

Mix the Black/Green paint with Delta's Glazing Medium 1:1.

Use your brush to paint over the Almond. This mixture stays "wet" a little longer for you to get the right look you want. I wanted a look that showed the color through the black/green.

Note: If it looks too dark, get your brush wet and "scrub" the area to "loosen" up the paint and then brush it to get the right look. This is how mine looked at this stage:

#rebakahmeier #stencil, denise clason
This shows how to apply the black/green/glaze to your wood.
Notice that I have the edges darker? You'll want to achieve the same affect. 
After the paint dries, apply a coat of the glazing medium. Let dry. Clean brush.

With a "dry" brush, (do not dip into water, add paint to brush and dab onto paper towel to get most of the paint off) Apply, using a back and forth method,  the Decoart Dazzling Metallics, Splendid Gold, to the surface.

denise clasondenise clasondenise clason

After I applied the gold, I realized the project needed more depth, so I dry brushed some Folkart Houser Green Light over the gold.

Then I dry brushed some Folkart Burnt Carmine (dark purple) over the top. (Leave a lighter area where you'll be placing your metal hardware)

And the final step was to add a little more gold over all the layers. Note: I also added some of the above three paints to the hardware to help it blend in with the plaque.

#rebekahmeier #stencil #vintage #metalhardware #deniseclason
I'm happy with how this turned out. It took a few layers of each paint to make it how I wanted. Notice how I also have the burnt carmine paint heavier around the edges? You want to give it depth.
Attach a piece of hardware, an old key, a metal saying, or an old drawer handle, for adornment. Apply gilding to the top of the hardware. I used Beacon's Glass, Metal and More to adhere the hardware. It needs to lie down to dry overnight. If you have nails, you can skip the glue.

Check out other Blogs who have ideas for the STENCILS! Some of the best designer's in the business! 


Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilted Wallhanging PATTERN Give Away!

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Hi Everyone!

I have been collecting items for a give-away and it is about time I have one! 
Deadline will be April 14th, 600pm PST.

4-14-2014, 6pm--The winner of the wallhanging pattern is #31, Barb! (I'll email you!)

But, I want to make this, Please do the following (1 or more, your choice):

1. Comment about what you did over the weekend....something you did just for YOU!

2. Follow my Bloglovin' page  and comment that you did.

3. Follow my Facebook page and comment that you did.

4. Follow my Instagram page and comment that you did.


For an extra BONUS chance...Please share with your friends! And...
5. Make a comment and let me know how you shared. (A total of 5 Chances!!)

Here is the give away!!! A KimberBell Winter Wallhanging! Now, this is so darn cute, I saw it at the Fall Quilt Market 2013 and it was one of my favorite patterns.
They also have Spring, Summer and Fall Wallhangings, and more, too!

denise clason, Kimberbell patterns
This is KimberBell's Winter Wall hanging! Isn't it cute! 
snowmen runner
Up Close picture from Fall Quilt Market Schoolhouse. SO cute!
snowman pillow, denise clason
This same pattern can make a very cute pillow!
This is a large pattern, the pages are 9" x 12", you'll have an easy time making it up! Just follow me with the links above! Thanks so much!

Good Luck!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you make an Ugly Swoon Block?

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Hi Everyone,

When I was in the Swoon Class, taught by Camille Roskelley, a week ago, she mentioned that there was a contest to see who could make the ugliest Swoon Block, well...they couldn't decide on one. So, I guess you can't make an ugly one, until today!! Here's the link to the Flickr Contest for Ugly Swoon Block. Here's a look at some other Swoon Blocks, on Pinterest.

I'm pretty sure that I've made the first ugly swoon block (the one on the left)

swoon block by denise clason
Do you see how pretty the swoon block is on the right?
Well, I'm just saying...there is no comparison with the one on the left!
I wanted to try to incorporate some grey into the quilt, (my first attempt) and you can see it didn't work very well. I think I needed to use a different green, something with more contrast. So you can see...this block really, does, look "muddy."

It's the same with just about anything, decorating, photography, fabric, etc. Contrast is what "makes it" or "breaks it." Can you relate?

Lesson learned! It's too bad it took me 2 hours to really figure it out...I kept saying, it will be fine, it will be fine. Well, I should've paid attention before I got so far. I could've switched out one of the colors, probably the grey. But, NOOOO, I had to finish it before I could really see that it wasn't working.

What would you do with a, now, Orphan block? I don't have pets. So.... Should I have a giveaway???

You tell me, and I'll decide and let you know!

A little Pouty,


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Swoon Class with Camille Roskelley! = FUN!

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Hi everyone!
I just got through taking a class with Camille Roskelley, from Thimble Blossoms! I took it at our local quilt store (Quiltique). Camille lives where I live and she frequents the store. So, she asked if she could do a class, as a practice class, for when she teaches in Australia! Yes, Australia, can you imagine going there to teach a class? Awesome! Camille said that she doesn't usually teach and wanted to get familiar with it. She also has a Craftsy class, click on the link on my sidebar!
Any way, I signed up to take the Swoon class and the next day she did a trunk show. So, here are the fun pictures! Enjoy! You can find her patterns on Thimble Blossom's website. She sells them in paper or by PDF download.

show and tell, camille roskelley
Here is Camille, she's talking about her Swoon quilt. she is so cute!
Camille Roskelley
She brought her Swoon quilt, straight off of their bed, She used Anna Maria Horner prints.
Camille Roskelley's swoon block
This Swoon Wallhanging is adorable and so "modern" looking with the straight
machine quilting.
camille roskelley's mini swoon is the little mini swoon quilt...(in a baby voice) isn't is adorable, too?
swoon block class with camille roskelley
Here I am, all tired, after an evening of sewing...I finished my first swoon block!
These are the photos from the Trunk Show the next day:
camille roskelley trunk show
Look at all the wonderful quilts all stacked up!
camille roskelley swoon quilt
Here is the Swoon quilt! She has 12 blocks in her quilt.
camille roskelley mini swoon
The Mini Swoon quilt! so cute! She started making these to display her patterns at quilt market. she didn't have enough room in the booth for the full sized quilt, so she made the minis...and the rest is history!
round and round quilt, camille roskelley
Here it is again, Round and Round Quilt, with a light background! I really like this one.
camille roskelley's mini round and round
Mini Round and Round quilt.
camille roskelley's scrappy around the world quilt
This is the Scrappy Around the World quilt, that the quilt store had a class on...
someday, I'll make this one, too.
camille roskelly's spool quilt
Camille's version of her Spools quilt. Held up by Quiltique's store owner Jan.

camille roskelley's mini spool quilt
And the Mini Spools quilt.

camille roskelley's dwell quilt
This is Camille's Dwell Pattern.

camille roskelley's mini dwell quilt
And the Mini Dwell pattern! Love!

camille roskelley's swell quilt
"Swell" is the name of this quilt, I think it is new.

camille roskelley's fresh quilt
"Fresh" is the name of this quilt!

machine quilting
The machine quilting was awesome on this quilt.

camille roskelley's field day quilt
another cute quilt, called "Field Day"

camille roskelley's fireworks quilt
This one is called Fireworks, and I love it! I won this pattern! Can't wait to make it.

camille roskelley's niner quilt
This quilt is called Niner, because of the 9-patches.

camille roskelley's machine quilting
More fun machine quilting on this quilt.

camille roskelley's puddle jumping quilt
this quilt is called Puddle Jumping, I also won this quilt pattern, and LOVE it! Can't wait to make this one.

camille roskelley's mini puddle jumping quilt
And the mini Puddle Jumping quilt! You can see the size difference, with it next to the original size.

camille roskelley's raincheck quilt, april showers
This is Raincheck! It is made from their latest line of fabric, called April Showers!

camille roskelley's raincheck quilt
Another view! Such a cute quilt!

camille roskelley's machine quilting, raincheck, april showers
Up close view, each block has different machine quilting, makes for an interesting and cute quilt!

And the mini Raincheck, sorry it is blurry. But, you get the idea of how small it is.

camille roskelley's raincheck quilt
Another pic of the Raincheck and mini Raincheck.

Liisa Alexander quilt
This is the quilt from the Feb 2014 American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine,
designed by Liisa Alexander. A lot of the Moda designers made this in a quilt along. LOVE it, too

Liisa Alexander quilt, american patchwork an quilting
Liisa Alexander quilt, close up

American Patchwork & Quilting February 2014

Camille roskelley's red letter day quilt
This is a brand new quilt by Camille, called Red Letter day. Can you tell why?
Really like her large blocks!

camille roskelley's orphan block quilt
This was the last quilt that Camille showed to us, it is a mixture of all of her orphan blocks, what a cute quilt! She's had requests to make a pattern, but, I think it would be difficult to create one....If you have her patterns, I bet you could make one!

camille roskelley's rise and shine mini quilt
Oops, I almost forgot to show you this cute little quilt, being held by Camille's son! They came by to surprise her during the Trunk Show on Saturday. He's holding the Rise & Shine mini quilt.

All in all, my National Quilt Day weekend was a lot of fun (March 14th-15th) What did you do that weekend?