Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting ready for Quilt Festival

Hello everyone!
It is Monday, October 30, 2006 and I’m getting so excited for my trip to Quilt Festival….that I can hardly stand it! I checked to make sure my hotel still had my reservation, got the airplane ticketless information and all of the other things ready to go! Still trying to figure out what clothes I will need to bring . I want to make sure that I have comfortable foot gear and that I’m not freezing or too hot in the Houston weather! Who knows what the weather will be like???!!

This is my first time attending Quilt Festival. I’ve heard great things from a friend who has attended the last 5 years. She gave me some good advice….that was to buy my registration tickets for the daily passes online! I’m so glad I did. She said that the line to get into the show is a 2 hour wait!

I have gone to Quilt Market’s many times and have loved them! Now, I will get to see actual consumers get excited about product and I’ll have a good idea of whether I should plan to have a booth in the Spring or Fall next year!

My second book, as mentioned earlier, will be released at Market. I’ll have a copy waiting for me at the Hotel. I’ll get to see it for the FIRST time after a year of writing, designing and editing. YEAH! (Book: Quilted Bags and Totes)

I’ll be walking the floor on Thursday and Friday, be sure to say hey when you see me and I’ll do the same! See you in Houston!

Denise Clason
ps. don’t spend too much money! hahaha, right!!!

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