Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Quilt Festival was a BLAST!

Wow, did I have fun at the Houston Quilt Festival 2006! I went to see just how busy the show was (and see if I wanted to have a booth in the future.) and it was busy! I think they said that it was the largest attending show ever for the Quilt Inc. Festivals! Over 50,000 attended and the isles were packed the two days that I was there walking the show…

…..and of course buying patterns and fabric! I spent some time talking to Diane Gaudynski about her prize winning quilt. It was totally amazing…the machine quilting was the best that I have ever seen!! hands down!!! I hope to take a class from her some day!

I also visited many other designer’s booths and spent some time with Sharon Schamber. I learned some of her techniques for machine quilting (she won 1st place last year). As you can see, I would love to expand on my machine quilting abilities! These two women are amazing.

I spent way too much on fabric, jewelry, and patterns. But had a great time being at a “consumer” show instead of a “trade” show (Quilt Market). I spent some time talking to other quilter’s as we rested our feet on the sidelines. That was a big difference than at other trade shows that I attend….there were chairs lined up along the outside perimeter of the show floor…they were a nice treat…and a good way to visit with other great “friends.” (quilter’s make friends instantly, don’t we!)

As far as trending goes, I still saw a lot of everything going on. There was a lot of “country” style, felting and felted projects/patterns/materials, contemporary designs, bright prints, etc. I did see more juvenile and animal quilts and quilts that had interaction to go along with them. Such as: pockets and appliqued animals with moving parts.

I was and will always be fanscinated with all of the NEW fabrics! I think that my most favorite part of quilt is choosing the fabrics to use! and —I like to use a lot of different fabrics for my projects. I love putting several different greens, reds, blues, yellows, etc. into one quilt and/or project. All of the different prints make the project “move” with excitement as your eyes travel across the piece.

This year the quilt display was completely AMAZING! I think it was 5 times larger than in the past. It took me over 4 hours to walk through the display of quilts. I was very impressed with the talent of the diverse quilter’s across the world. There was a collection of hexagon pieced quilts from japan that took my breath away. There were quilts that had over several thousand pieces and th pieces were about 1/4″ before they were sewn together. I don’t know how they do it!

I had a terrific time. I am very anxious to get started on new designs! Look for new patterns coming soon to my website. I’ll post project progress here, so come back and see what I’m up to!

happy quilting! Denise

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