Monday, May 28, 2007

SLC Spring Quilt Market 2007~What happens on the show floor?

I had so much fun seeing all of the new designs, products and fabrics for 2007! I was very impressed with the unique and cute booth designs. I especially enjoyed those booths that used antique furniture, such as shelving, benches, drawers, cabinets, etc. very cute and welcoming!

Before I get too far into the description of what I saw in the booths, let me tell you about some of the quilts that blew me away! I’ve seen this quilt at several quilt shows and I am continally amazed at its beauty, it took my breath away and I found myself at the beach, one of my favorite places to go and relax….the Sea Gulls have always amazed me! More information on Inge Mardal and Steen Hougs.

This is another quilt that they did, I love the detail of the frog!

I also loved this next quilt. It was a long horizontal quilt that was like a collage. It depicted stitching, stories and photos of what the designer thought was going on in each of her neighbors homes. I thought it was very creative and unique! The photo below is only one portion of the quilt.

Valori Wells had a great line of vibrant fabrics this year. She is the daughter of Jean Wells, and has taken after her mother in the quilt industry by designing fabric and patterns. I loved her stuff!

I also saw an up and coming fabric designer, the son of Donna Dewberry, his name is Joel Dewberry, he had a really nice new line of fabric. His style is called, “Electic Modern.” He had a very beautiful booth, loved his choice of color and shape in the designs. Westminster Fibers is producing his beautiful fabric. Please check out the link for viewing his new lines of fabric! You’ll not be disappointed!

This is one of his lines, called Manzanita.

The fabric was beautiful everywhere! There were so many different styles available right now. You can still find old antique country looking prints, as well as bright, fresh and upbeat, and now there are so many more styles, such as bold, big and colorful….like Amy ButlerKaffe FassettApril Cornell, Anna Griffin, now there is Joel Dewberry….his style is going more toward the architectural/roman feel.

So much to choose from, I don’t know what I would do if I owned a fabric store….I would have a difficult time trying to hold myself back from buying it ALL!

I fell in love with a ribbon company called Renaissance Ribbons, they now carry LFN Textiles ribbons. (which stands for Laura Foster Nicholson) The style is very artistic and colorful, so unique and gorgeous! 

I ran into Marie Osmond in the Quilting Treasures booth. She has a new line of fabrics, too! I was able to snap a photo with her in front of her quilt designed with her new line of fabrics, called Heirloom Garden Collection. She also had a memory quilt on display that was in memory of her mother, just stunning with photos, embellished with her mother’s things, etc.

I also saw some very great new products, I sat down and made my very first Yo-Yo! Clover has a new yo-yo maker tool! It makes making a yo-yo a SNAP, in fact, there are two pieces to each yo-yo design, just like a snap. There are tools for making a flower, heart, and four sizes of round yo-yo’s.

check out their website for free instructions on how to make one of these easy yo-yo’s! and it was FAST!

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