Friday, May 18, 2007

SLC Spring Quilt Market~Sample Spree

Okay, just so you know, Sample Spree is one of the highlights of the show! In the evening, prior to the opening day of the trade show, there is a sample spree. This is where manufacturers and designers have a table or multiple tables showing and selling their wares. Usually the ‘wares’ are at a discounted or special price. Most of the products are in “kits” so that it is quick and easy to sell things, because—–things are buzzin!

Those who are selling set up early. While store owners and those who buy a $10.00 ticket are waiting outside to get in! The line starts forming about 2 hours before opening time….that is the beginning of the excitement, some actually are eating while they are waiting. I always get a kick out of watching everyone run in to get to their favorite product! Moda seems to be the most popular and women storm to their tables. They have about 10-12 tables forming a large rectangle, the tables are covered with piles of fabric bundles in collections, 6 or more high! They are all in the middle of the tables trying to help all of the lines of customers. It is a sight! When you purchase a Fat Quarter bundle, you get a bag, made from one of their fabric lines! Always a treat…they are big enough to hold all of your purchases for the evening! AND women love getting one each year to collect.

Above is a sample of the bundles I’ve purchased in the past, they are so beautiful, that I find it hard to use them up…this year I managed to contain myself and only buy one bundle, from Anna Griffin’s line, called, “Margot.” It is the bundle shown in the back, right. There is also a small bundle roll from “In the Beginning” that I love, called, “Chelsea Garden” that I purchased last year. Sample Spree is the ending of a long day….I had no trouble sleeping that evening!

Now for the restuarants—My friend, Rebekah Meier, and I went to eat at the Olive Garden, one of our favorite places to eat. There were a lot of very unique places to eat, one of which we just couldn’t get into, called The Blue Iguana. We did try to get in on “Cinco De Mayo” ….it was located across from the Salt Palace, down an alley/driveway and then you turn the corner, go down a stairway and through a covered awning….Felt like going into a basement….cool….it was in a very old building and very unique with ivy growing on the walls and the windows and doors were gorgeous! (I have a thing for architectural windows and doors) We heard it was one of THE places to eat…..maybe someday—-that night, we ended up eating at a JB’s restaurant, one of Utah’s All-American restaurants, sort of like Denny’s but I’m more partial to JB’s… We also managed to get into the Macaroni Grill….another favorite place to eat! 

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  1. Glad to see the Blog lesson paid off at my schoolhouse lecture! Great job. Looks like Market was a blast.
    Gina Halladay


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