Monday, May 21, 2007

SLC Spring Quilt Market~walking the floor

Well, the best way to describe the show floor is to say that it is like walking into your favorite, most inspiring home decor’ store “times” the number of booths that there were at the show! Every booth was a beautiful site! I went to this show with the question on my mind of whether or not to have my own booth at a show. So…I went in with open eyes and looked at every detail of what it would take to put up a booth.

The only way to see the show is to start at one end (wearing your most comfortable shoes, of course!) and then work yourself down each side of the rows. I made a lot of notes and talked to some of the vendors regarding their experiences. AND there were a lot of them that just started with the SLC show, their first time! I was so happy for them…in my opinion….it is a big step to take!

I went to many booths and will give you some information on some of the booths that had product that caught my eye as being a great idea! There was a company that came up with an idea to have pre-made “sleeves” for the backs of quilts for hanging on the wall! What a great idea…so many hate making those sleeves and here they are already made and ready to sew on the back of your quilt. They were called Quilter’s Hangup.

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