Monday, January 14, 2008

A new YEAR and new Resolutions

I’ve got bitten and while it didn’t really hurt, it has given me a push to work on things I’ve been putting off the last few years. Each year brings me a renewed spirit of “FRESH  beginnings,” starting over and not feeling guilty for last year. I feel a rejuvenation of the soul as I write my new years resolutions……How many of you have given yourself a “fresh” start for the year 2008? Please make your comments, below. I’d love to hear some of your new goals, and especially in quilting!

I’m working on a challenge today. A Jacket for a manufacturer. After completing the design of the pattern and laying it out on the fabric, I realized that there was not enough fabric….a feeling of OH KNOW! I suppose it’s off to the fabric store!

happy quilting/sewing! Denise

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