Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winter Craft and Hobby Association (CHA Show)

Hello everyone!
I’m in the process of getting ready for the Winter CHA show. The Winter show is BIGGER than the Summer show! Most of the NEW products are shown at the Winter show, so it is VERY exciting to attend. This year the show will be in Anaheim, CA between February 9th and 13th. I will be taking some classes on licensing from two great women, JoAnne Fink and Cheryl Phelps

I will be spending a lot of my time walking the floor and checking out all of the NEW products that will be out this year. Many of the Manufacturers that exhibit will be having what they call “Make-it-Take-its.” (MITI) These are mini classes that are in their booths. Tables are set up with chairs and we are taught how to use their product. Some of these MITI’s are quite extensive and can take over a half hour. These are intended to help you understand how to use the products and learn new techniques. As a designer, I have been given the opportunity to do these MITI’s for attendees. I love designing the projects and showing others how to create them. But, this year I will get to make the MITI instead of teach it.

I am in the process of designing a project for a challenge. The challenge is given by a beaded trim company. The winner of the challenge will receive $500.00 and a lot of publicity! The project will be displayed in their booth. I am designing a short double-breasted jacket.

I am also meeting up with a lot of other designer friends, we have a bi-annual meeting at each show. We do a lot of networking, talk about new opportunities and get to know who is on the council, and team leaders! I am the membership team leader. I am responsible for linking the new members to the CHA-Designer group. We want all new members to know about how Designers work with Manufacturers, Editors, and Publishers. Can’t wait to go! I’ll report on my trip when I return.

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