Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Home from Winter CHA in Anaheim, CA

Hi everyone!
 I’m home from a very fun and wonderful trip to the Winter CHAshow. This is the largest Craft and Hobby show in the World! If you are a designer who wants to make money at your talent/skills, then you need to look into joining CHA. Be sure to contact me to join our Yahoo Designer Group, which is a segment of the CHA.

I took two business classes on licensing on February 9th. My first class was by JoAnne Fink, President of her own company called, Lakeside Studios. She is a calligrapher, as well as a creative marketing director. She helps artists’ combine their illustrations into presentable art for licensing. I’ve heard her speak several times and I always learn something from her hugh resource of licensing knowledge. She gave us lists of companies to contact for our first “job.” She also gave us a list of licensing agents we may want to use. (if you haven’t guessed, I would love to start licensing my art!)
My second class was by Cheryl Phelps, she helps artists/illustrators learn how to sell and market their art. She teaches seminars throughout the year and is a valuable resource for all things art licensing! She talks very quickly, so I learned a lot in only an hour! Thanks Cheryl!

Now, remember, I told you I was going to enter a beaded trim challenge? I posted the picture of my entry in my last message. Well——————I was not one of the winners, but I will post the photos of those who did win the challenge. There were 3 prizes awarded. Two of the winners were my designer friends. So, here we are:

1st place ($500.00) goes to: Stephanie Kimura (she also writes purse books, so she is a friend, too) 

I love the way she used permanent pen to create swirly designs on the denim, she did this on the front and back of the jacket! She also layered, creativity, about 4 different trim pieces for the collar as well as on the back of the jacket, shown below.

The back of the jacket has two embroidered motif’s with beaded trim underneath the diamond shape, very creative!

2nd Place ($300.00) goes to: Mary Lynn Maloney

Mary’s design consisted of a purchased dress, she added some gauze draping it around the front and back, she also created some “wings” and added several layers of trim to compliment the effect. There were even some twigs entertwined in the waist band. Very Creative! Great job Mary! Her description depicted a woman outside in nature, etc. collecting her treasures!

3rd place goes to: Ann Butler

Ann used some of the cutest trim. It was a crocheted trim with buttons looped in the threads. She embellished a denim dress, sweatshirt and some shoes and socks for a child! Well done, Ann! There was also another designer that used this same trim on their design. It was really a very pretty trim. Please check out Expo International’s website and see what beautiful beaded trims and motifs they have!

 have  a great day!


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