Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunshine and Diamond Throw Quilt~ "New Country Quilting" book

Hi everyone,

My sister, who is not a seamstress or quilter, loved my book, New Country Quilting.” She wanted to make everything! I suggested that she start with one of the easier patterns, called The Sunshine and Diamond Throw Quilt. We went together to find the different prints and had a blast. I showed her how to sew the blocks together and then how easy it was to applique the diamond squares into place, using Steam-a-Seam2. She finished her quilt top and I showed her how to put all of the layers together for quilting, using my favorite temporary spray adhesive, Sulky KK2000. (this spray does NOT gum up your needles, no matter how fast you machine quilt!)

We basted the layers together using a walking foot, stitching in the ditch, to stabilize all of the layers! Then I showed her how to do all of the loopy designs for machine quilting all over. She was very nervous, since her specialty is art illustration. (She is the illustrator of the “fish” in this website!) Soooo—to get to the bottom line—-I told her I’d quilt it for her. She was told it may take a while to get to it…and it did. I had it since before Christmas 2007. Well, she was coming to Las Vegas for a show and I told myself that I would get it done while she was here. And that is what I did, in about 3 hours of no-interruption and focused machine quilting, I got it done!!! (2 weeks ago!)

Here is the finished quilt! (Note the binding, it is made from scraps of the prints, sewn together.

Above is the center diamond shape, so you can see how simple it is to construct. You can also see how easy the quilting was!!! You can buy this book from Amazon or from ME! When you purchase from me, I will personalize your copy! :O)

Happy Quilting! Denise

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