Saturday, June 13, 2009

Project in Create and Decorate Magazine!

Here is one of my designs, featured in the Create & Decorate magazine August 2009 issue. It is made from Plaid's Gallery Glass product. There is no cutting of glass, it is applied like glue and dries to look like stain glass! It is so easy that you can't stop creating projects! Here is the magazine photo! So easy to do, anyone can do it!

This is one of my favorite designs using Gallery Glass. Look for other projects, coming soon!


  1. Beautiful, Denise! How Exciting! Thanks for sharing! Found your tweet about it, so thanks for the link!

  2. Oh how pretty. I love the design. I never could get the hang of using the black strips. Fantastic vase, Denise!

  3. Thanks for the kudos, girls! The “ready leading” is easy to apply if you press down one end and while holding the other end up in the air and then with a little taughtness, pressing the other end down. it will stay straight that way. I also have the pattern taped inside of the glass to follow. I think I got addicted to gallery glass for a while! I have several other designs to submit and there is going to be another on in Crafts’n Things, soon.

  4. The actually iris vase is not orange at the top, for some reason the color changed in the photo and printing. It is more golden.


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