Saturday, July 18, 2009

New BOM--Card Trick Block

I had a contest to see who could sew up the "Card Trick," first, and we had a winner! It was a 22 year old male who won the contest (he made it within hours of posting the pattern)! He won a set of my Stitchin' up the Pieces buttons as well as the e-pattern on my website! We actually had two people who made the block the first day, so the second winner also received a set of the buttons! (I was so thrilled to have such enthusiasm!)

Below is a picture of the "Card Trick" Block! Easy and fun! No money is won while piecing it, though! haha (unless you have some fancy card playing tricks and use them in Vegas! haha) You can find the Card Trick Block here.

If you want to get started now, I added block 1 and 2 to my blog. Find block #1 block #2 in the side bar! The blocks start out easy and get a little more challenging as we go! 

You'll learn how to use Triangles on a Roll for block #2 and you'll LOVE it! So (sew) easy!
I look forward to you joining the yahoo group!

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