Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Cupcake Pincushion Pattern! Die by Eileen Hull and Sizzix

Thanks for stopping by the Sizzix Blog Hop! Just a little intro here... Scoreboards are a brand new kind of die designed for Sizzix by my designer friend, Eileen Hull. Her ScoreBoards are cut and scored from matboard to make boxes, totes and folders.  As the ship date for the dies gets closer, Eileen realized that the best way to show them off was to ask some of her designer friends to play with them and see what they could whip up. I was delighted to be included with this fabulous group of designers! Just wait till you see what we have done! Follow our Blog Hop (see links, below) to see what other designers created using the Cupcake scoreboard die!

Here is how it will work....

Every other Wednesday from now until January, one of the eight ScoreBoard dies will be featured on our blogs so you can get a peek at the dies...THIS week is Blog Hop #2, using the Small Cupcake die!

I used another friends fabric, BJ Lantz, to decorate the bottom of the cupcake and her coordinating print for the top of the cupcake. The button on the top is an antique round buttons, too perfect to leave off!
I glued the cupcake to a painted terra-cotta tray, so that the pin cushion will stay put when in use!

Isn't is CUTE! This is what you'll need to create the pin cushion:

Cupcake Pincushion by Denise Clason

(1) small scoreboard cupcake from Sizzix, by Eileen Hull
3" x 6" red print
10" square green print
6" red rick-rack
(1) 3/4" round button, red
(1) 4" painted terra-cotta tray
3" x 6" heavy weight fusible webbing
(1) 2 oz. bottle Fabric Tac by Beacon(r)
Sharp paper knife, Excel or Exacto, cutting mat
Heavy thread, large needle


1. Iron fusible webbing to wrong side of red print. Remove paper.
2. Press onto the right side of the cupcake scorecard. Be sure to place a paper underneath the cardstock while pressing fabric onto cupcake, to keep fusible off of ironing board.
3. With knife and cutting mat, cut off excess fabric around the cubcake scorecard. Be careful while cutting, go slow! Remove excess fabric. Gently bend the cupcake to make a circle.
4. With the Fabric Tac, overlap and glue the two ends together. Secure with a clothes pin or heavy clip. Let dry.
5. Fold the green print in half, and then in half again to make a square. Cut a semi-circle around the raw edges to create a circle of fabric.
6.  With needle and heavy thread, make running stitches along the edges. Gather the stitching. Leave a hole large enough to stuff with stuffing. Pull stitching tight and tie a knot.
7. You may want to stitch the opening closed and then push the needle up through the top center of the green fabric, put the button onto the needle and push needle back down through the fabric. Pull gently to give it a slight "tuck." Tie a knot at the end.
8. Put Fabric Tac around the inside of the cupcake in a few places. Push the fabric top into the cupcake base, moving the gathers and tucking in where needed.
9. With the Fabric Tac, glue the rick-rack around the bottom of the cupcake.
10. Glue the cupcake into the tray. Let dry.

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  1. This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Denise- you are amazing! I love it! Can’t decide if I want to eat it or stick pins in there Thanks for joining the hop!

  3. Oh how cute! Love the fabric and holder. I am so behind … didn’t know Eileen has a line with Sizzix. I need to check it out. Yes, you are amazing :O)

  4. Hello Denise, Absolutely fabulous! ~Gabriela~

  5. Great idea and very fun! I love, X Fab

  6. Wow! This is delicious-looking! How cool to cover the matboard with fabric!

  7. clever idea and you can never have too many pincushions!

  8. very cute! (I almost did the same thing, but ran out of time!) Hope to see you at CHA in january.

  9. So glad you hopped with us Denise :D Thanks!

  10. what fun! I love pincushions, there's something so nostalgic about them!

  11. I love, great minds think alike you know. LOL...the terra cotta tray good idea!--Ann Butler


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