Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Hop~Notebook Pocket by Eileen Hull & Sizzix

I have a friend, Eileen Hull, who has designed some wonderful Scoreboard pieces or "dies" for Sizzix die cutting company. (I am not an affiliate of Sizzix, but have received product to create this project.)
This is a blog hop showing how to make a creative Notebook Pocket using her scoreboards. There will be a list of other friends, who are part of the blog hop, below. Be sure to visit their sites to see what else you can do with this scoreboard!

I decided to create a magnetic pocket, repurposing the magnets you get in the mail for advertisements, from realtors, cruise companies, etc. I created this pocket using fabrics, but you can also create this project using papers, you'll just have to "cut" at the folds for bending and gluing with paper glue, instead of Fabric Tac by Beacon Adhesives. (I am not an affiliate of Beacon, but do receive product to design with.)
Here is a photo of the finished pocket, below! 

Eileen Hull's Scoreboard Die from Sizzix, project design by Denise Clason

I fell in love with this scoreboard. It can be used for so many things! I thought I would create this one to stick to my refridgerator keeping my notes, memos, etc. neat and tidy! And in a safe place. I used to have memos on the fridge for, people who borrow things, such as movies, dishes, books, etc. NOW, I can put that list inside of the pocket and it still looks pretty!
This can also be used for many other things, such as a grocery list with coupons for that week. OR it can be used for recipes that you want to make for the week. Parties you want to plan with the list of guests! So many different things!

Please come back on Wednesday, the 25th and I'll have the instructions posted! Thanks and enjoy!

Notebook Pocket by Denise Clason
(1) Notebook Pocket Scoreboard, Sizzix® 
(4) 6” coordinating ribbons or trims 
6” x 10” piece of fabric (cover) 
12” x 12” piece of fabric (inside) 
8” x 10” sheet of heavy fusible webbing 
1-1/2” Yo-Yo Maker, Clover® 
2 oz. bottle Fabric Tac, Beacon Adhesives® 
Scissors, or sharp craft knife 
All-purpose thread, Coats & Clark® 
Hand sewing needle Iron 
4” x 5” magnet sheet (I re-purposed a magnet calendar I received in the mail, from an advertisement.) If you need to size the magnet down, you can cut with craft scissors.

1. Following manufacturers directions for fusible webbing, iron to the two pieces of fabric. 
2. Remove paper from fusible webbing. 
3. Pre-bend the scoreboard folds. 
4. With a piece of paper on the ironing board (to protect ironing board), carefully, press the inside fabric to the inside of the notebook pocket. 
5. With a pair of scissors or craft knife, cut off excess fabric. 
6. With the Fabric Tac, glue the trims on the front of the cover fabric in a pleasing manner. Let dry. 
7. White the trims dry, make the yo-yo from the inside fabric, following the manufacturers directions. 
8. Iron the cover fabric on the cover of the notebook pocket. Only press the inside, not along the folds. Press the fold areas, with the tip of the iron, while in the “bent” position. This will insure that you have enough fabric, for easement, when gluing together. Note: you may need to use the Fabric Tac to secure the edges with the trim. The area is thick and the glue will work best. 
9. Secure the folded edges to the back of the pocket with Fabric Tac. You may hold into place with a clothespin or rubber band. This will dry fast, so holding with your hands may be enough. 
10. Glue the yo-yo to the front of the pocket. 
11. Glue the magnet piece to the back of the pocket.


  1. Love this and the color combo is fabulous.--Barbara Matthiessen

  2. Denise, I love this-and so cool to include your signature touch with fabric yo yo. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this, Denise!--Ann Butler

  4. Ooh! I never thought of using it for shopping lists & coupons. What a great idea.

    Wonderful project!

  5. Hey, Ann...the whole pocket is covered with fabric!!! My signature!

  6. Denise, this is a great idea and the fabric is beautiful! Love the addition of the yo-yo.

  7. Denise, I love the use of fabric in this project as well as the addition of magnets. (I hate it when I have coupon clutter all over my fridge!) This is the type of project I love: very pretty and very useful!


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