Saturday, July 18, 2009

New BOM--Card Trick Block

I had a contest to see who could sew up the "Card Trick," first, and we had a winner! It was a 22 year old male who won the contest (he made it within hours of posting the pattern)! He won a set of my Stitchin' up the Pieces buttons as well as the e-pattern on my website! We actually had two people who made the block the first day, so the second winner also received a set of the buttons! (I was so thrilled to have such enthusiasm!)

Below is a picture of the "Card Trick" Block! Easy and fun! No money is won while piecing it, though! haha (unless you have some fancy card playing tricks and use them in Vegas! haha) You can find the Card Trick Block here.

If you want to get started now, I added block 1 and 2 to my blog. Find block #1 block #2 in the side bar! The blocks start out easy and get a little more challenging as we go! 

You'll learn how to use Triangles on a Roll for block #2 and you'll LOVE it! So (sew) easy!
I look forward to you joining the yahoo group!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rebekah Meier's New Book!

My friend, Rebekah Meier, has a new book that just came out! You are going to LOVE it! She teaches you how to create over 40 different techniques for mixed-media fabric art crafting! Her book is colorful and is loaded with fun embellishment ideas! You'll want to read it cover to cover and follow along while she teaches you how to work with fabric art!

If you want to WIN one of her books, go to her blog, she is having a drawing from those who make a comment on her blog! Rebekah Meier's blog.

Buy her book on Amazon and you'll be glad you did!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bushfire Blocks are coming in!

I'm going to post the bushfire blocks that I've received in the last month! They are gorgeous! They are all the same block in red, white and blue, Australia's flag color. The block is called "Crosses & Losses."

Click on the following pictures to see details, and names of those who donated! Thanks ladies!!!

Thanks to everyone who has donated their time and efforts into making these blocks! Wendy at Busy Bee Quilting will be making one or more quilts out of these to give to the Bushfire Victims! Thanks Wendy and your helpers!

If you still want to be involved with our project, please contact me! If you own a quilt store, your customers may want to help!
thanks so much!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inspired at Home Radio Clip~Learn how to Get Published

The radio interview went very well! Tiffany Windsor made me feel so comfortable and relaxed! The whole group was so nice! Tiffany, her sisters, Heidi and Candice and her mother, Aleene Jackson. She was a hoot! Check out Tiffany Windsor's website and view the history of their crafty family! (Just click on the links on the page to view the history.) It is very interesting how Aleene made it in television when it was just getting about Art Linkletter, etc.!

If you want to listen to the radio interview, go to Inspired at Home. or if you want to listen to only the clip of my interview, go to Denise Clason clip.

This is a really fun radio show! Learn all about how to create things for your home, etc. I have a few friends who will be interviewed on the show. Listen for Brenda Pinnick and Ketra Oberlander on July 19th! You'll really enjoy these women!

Brenda has a new line of fabric licensed by Henry Glass & Co. Check it out! I'll be making a bag out of it soon! Keep your eyes open!

Aren't they beautiful!!!
have a great day! Denise