Saturday, March 6, 2010

Magazine work

It's time to get this blog more current! I have another blog that I keep more current, decided to get this one going!

I thought I would post some of my designs that can be found in the magazines that are on the shelves right now! As well as some that can be found online! Here are some projects that are online:

This project is called, Victorian Boot Pin Cushion, that can be found in the Crafts'n Things Online Newsletter. I wanted to share that the blue boot is my grandmother's original pin cushion! I remade a newer one on the right! Used old lace and old buttons to give it an antique look. I also tea-stained the lace. This pin cushion is approx. 13" without the ruffle.

Here is another project in the Crafts'n Things online newsletter. It is a Patchwork Photo Frame! All of the project supplies can be found at the Michaels stores, as this was a design I made for one of their Store demos! It showcases some pretty awesome buttons and some other "bling." Just sign-in and you'll see the pattern!

This is one of my favorite projects, it is a quilted wall pocket, I designed it with some things that were repurposed, such as a green/white checkerboard shirt, using the buttons, too! I also repurposed the wall bucket, it used to be pink. I painted it yellow and added some destressed it with some dry brushing with browns and white paint for a coordinating look! I added some grosgrain ribbon on either side of the quilted block. Enjoy!

This cute little Miss Sadie doll is in the Create and Decorate February 2010 issue! I just love her. I named her after my grandmother who has parents that crossed the plains! She is 18" tall. Very easy to make!

This Appliqued Garden Verse Wallhanging can be found in the April 2010 issue of Create and Decorate!
The verse reads "All garden live in beautiful places, because they make them so." by Joseph Joubert
I hope you enjoyed the projects. click on them for a larger view!
happy sewing and quilting!


  1. Hey I know you! I am from Clovis and was a Clark (Nick's little sister). I heard through the grapevine you were a talented and published. Awesome! I live in Las Vegas also, for the last 8 years. I blog also but it is just my random ramblings. Great to find you.

  2. So good to hear from you, Linda. I'm sure we met when we were young adults! Find me on Facebook and lets get connected. I have another blog,

  3. Denise, you're so talented! these are all fabulous!


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