Friday, July 16, 2010

Quilted Bags and Totes~New Version of the Rikki Bag!

Katherine Greaves,  made a "Rikki Bag" from my Quilted Bags and Totes  book using Selvages from fabric yardage! So cute, Katherine! check it out, below!

 This is a picture of my book, above!

If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can buy a personalized copy with a link in the menu bar.

have a creative Day!


  1. Hi Denise!
    Rikki's Bag is one of my favourites-it lends itself to some fun fabric interpretations.I made the latest version for a blogland friend as a part of a private swap and because she shares my love of selvedge projects. She loves it. I also am happy to let you know that, today, I received an email to tell me that someone else just bought your book because of seeing my selvedge version. I know she's going to love the projects in your book and I'm pleased to be able to send her your way. thanks for hour great designs, Denise. Quilted Bags and Totes are the best!

  2. Hi Katherine,

    thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed making the projects for the book. Your selvage bag is GREAT! Have you made the messenger bag or the backpack, those are also a couple of my favorites. I have enough designs to create another book, too!

    Thanks for letting me know someone else bought the book because of your selvage bag! Pictures tell a thousand words!

    I did get a bad review from one woman, who made the Nikki bag and she said it didn’t work for her two different times, and also said another pattern didn’t work either that they were off. Well, I’ve only had good reviews and comments from others who made that bag, she may have not used enough pins to secure it while sewing it together.. but, it gave my book on amazon a lower score. if you haven’t written a review, would you mind commenting on how you like the book? I’d really appreciate it!

    thanks so much!~ and thanks for sharing your pictures of the projects with me!


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