Monday, November 1, 2010

My NEW book~Sewing Vintage Aprons!

My book, Sewing Vintage Aprons will have a new cover! The new cover will be in the red tones, instead of the peach tones and features a different apron, as well as oven mitts on the cover! Take a look. I’m so absolutely happy with it! So, when you order the book from my Amazon widget, on the right, you will be getting the new cover…. Enjoy, like I am!

If you would like a signed copy of my book, please buy from my website,
My 80 page Book, with 11 apron patterns, will be released in March 2011, published by All-American Crafts.

Sewing Vintage Aprons by Denise Clason
Please look for my book on my website, Denise Clason if you want it signed, or click on the Amazon "blinky" in the sidebar!

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