Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop Week #2~Twist Cube-Sewing Kit

THIS IS WEEK 2 of the blog hop! Welcome back. This week we will be using a Sizzix die designed by Karen Burniston. What a fun project this was! I wanted to do something completely different and incoporate what I love to do and that is sewing and quilting! So, I made a sewing/quilting kit! Here it is:

This is the way it looks on the outside, above!

This is how it looks on the inside, above! I have places for scissors, buttons, needles, pins, measuring tap, needles, yardage guide, ruby beholder, and last but not least a place to put all of my ribbon scraps!!! And below is an upclose picture of  how I store the ribbons...notice that the twist-cube pops up?!

Here is what you'll need to make this fun twist cube-sewing kit:
Sizzix Twist Cube Die by Karen Burniston
And a video on how to make the twist cube!

The finished size for my Sewing Kit is 7" x 17-1/4" and you'll need:

1. 7" x 17-1/4" rectangle & 7" x 4" rectangle (pocket) of quilted fabric (I quilted my own)
2. 60" 2-1/4" contrasting binding
3. (2) snack size sealable baggies
4. (1) sandwich size sealable baggie
5. (1) 1-1/4" button, I used a button by JHB.
6. 1/2 yd 1/4" ribbon
7. thread to match fabrics, I used Aurifil Threads
8. paper glue like Zip Dry from Beacon Adhesives

Bind the edges of the pocket. Baste the pocket to one side of the large rectangle. Bind the edges of the large rectangle. Pin all baggies together at bottom, stitch next to pocket. Stitch a 10" piece of ribbon to the opposite side for small scissors. Make twist cube and add "sewing" ephemera pictures to the top with paper glue. Punch a hole in the sewing kit to add the twist cube. (You may want to add a patch over the clip for the twist cube.) Fold up your sewing kit to find the best place for the button and sew into place.




  1. Nuh-uh?! Denise. . . I gasped. I seriously gasped. What a clever idea! Plus, I stand corrected. Someone asked me the other day if they could put anything in the cube and I said no really because it folds flat, so the item would get squished. Now here you come along and prove me wrong! Ribbon scraps. BRILLIANT! I love this so much. Thank you for using my die.

  2. Great idea with the ribbons stored inside the box!!!

  3. How clever to think outside, or rather, INSIDE the box. A very practical use for the Twist Cube.

  4. How absolutely clever Denise!! Fabulous!!

  5. So clever! There should be sound effects on these comments. I'm sure you'd hear lots of little sounds of joy.

  6. Now this is SUPER cool! Fabulous idea and beautiful work, Denise!

  7. Extremely clever Denise!--Madeline Arendt

  8. Can you hear all the oohs and aaahs from all over the world??? This is awesome!

  9. This made me smile, I love this project!--ann butler

  10. Absolute fascinating! I love the use of your beloved fabric crafts! Mahalo for sharing.--Hawaiian Librarian


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