Friday, September 16, 2011

Fig Tree & Co. and Joanna Figueroa

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a LONG time since I've posted. I feel very bad about it, too! I've been busy with our new little grand daughter, Evelyn! And she is adorable! I also have a grandson, Ryan, who is now 3 1/2 years old and they both are so much fun, especially when they are together. Evelyn loves to watch her brother and she laughs at all of his running around and giggling! Makes me smile to write about them!

Now, on with the rest of the story....

I took a quilt class! Yes, I did! I decided I needed to get out of my studio and experience the "real" the quilt store and not just my "stash" store (even though I have enough fabric to make enough quilts to keep me happy for a life time)! When I found out that Joanna, from Fig Tree & Co. was coming to Henderson, NV to the Quiltique quilt store, I had to buy my "place" right then. There were only 22 seats in the classroom. I found out that I was the 7th person to get a place in the class! I was ecstatic, I just love Joanna's fabrics!

Here is the interesting part....I happened to go into Quiltique a few weeks prior to the class, not knowing about it, and bought one of Joanna's "whimsy" jelly rolls! (Then I saw the class online and bought my "seat.") Well, I ordered the Jelly and Jam pattern and when I got to the class, I found out that it was made using the whimsy jelly roll! It couldn't have been a more surreal moment! It made my day! There were no more whimsy prints or jelly rolls in the store by that time. Here's a photo of me with Joanna, in front of the Jelly and Jam quilt! (with the jelly roll prints from Whimsy by Moda!)

The class was FULL with fun women talking and chatting! I realized how much I missed the sounds of happy women sewing! I also ran into two of my painting chapter friends...they happened to sit right next to me! so...needless to say I had a fantastic day!

I took my cute little featherweight machine and she stitched her heart away, finishing 10 blocks and 10 more almost finished blocks.

We made the "end of day" block for the jell and jam quilt. They are quick and easy blocks to make!

I've been sewing at home and have only 10 more to finish, then on to the sashing, borders, etc.! can't wait to finish it up! Here's a photo showing part of my blocks, they are stacked, so you can't see them all. It also shows the yellow fabric I'll use for the sashing, the green check I'm using for the border and the floral print for the backing!

Here are a few more pictures from the class!

A quilt Joanna showed us (above), and I bought the pattern.

I'll be making the above version of the Jelly and Jam Pattern. I love it and can't wait until it is finished!

Another Jelly and Jam quilt, with striped borders.

I bought this Prairie Rose bag pattern and can't wait to make it out of the fabric on the left!

It was a fun day! Can't wait to finish the quilt and quilt it all up on my new APQS George machine!

George by APQS

Hug yourself in a quilt!

If you want to see the images at full size, click on them. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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