Friday, November 4, 2011

Bake the perfect Potato in your Microwave!

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One of the fun Make it-Take-its at Quilt Market in Houston TX, was a Potato Bag! It is a GREAT bag that when used in the microwave can bake the PERFECT potatoe! Not only does it cook the perfect potato, it will also cook your corn-on-the-cob! AND I warm up my tortillas in them and they stay warm for a long time afterwards!

The Warm Company makes a 100% natural cotton batting, called their "Warm Tater,"  just for this purpose (and other quilting projects). But, because you want to have only natural products around your food, they came up with the best batting! If you go to their website, you'll find the instructions on how to make this great bag! As well as instructions on how to use it!

I will be giving mine away as a gift to one of my daughters for Christmas! It went together fast! Here is a picture of how it looks! If you look for potato prints, you may find some, BUT, you can use any fabric you'd like!

What an easy, fun and inexpensive gift to make! have fun making one for your friends and family!



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