Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hello Fellow Quilter's!

Welcome to my first blog entry! I am very excited about my new quilting blog. This is where I will post all of my latest projects, even share with you some of my daily events with designing and where my designs will be published.

To start out with, I am excited to announce that my 2nd book with Krause Publications will be released at the Fall Quilt Market 2006, in Houston, TX! Look for it in their booth! It is called, ”Quilted Bags and Totes.”  

Thank you for your interest! Quilt stores are very welcome to join, as well as, all of you interested in quilting! (I also love gardening and cooking…so those subjects may come up occasionally.)

I encourage you to subscribe to my blog for updates and lots of fun!
Thanks so much, Denise Clason

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