Friday, February 10, 2012

How to make a Quilted Card!~great for Valentines!

Hi everyone,

Are you forever looking at left over blocks or pieces from a quilt that didn't quite make it into the quilt? Well, I have the solution for YOU! I had so many little four-patch pieces left over from a quilt, that I decided to make something worth remembering and passing on to someone else!

Now, if you want to print a little message inside, you should do that first and then cut to size recommended in the instructions! you may also want to add your name or sentiment on the back of the card, like you see @ the big card companies!

Well, now that I've got your brain full of ideas, you can even create a card with a heart block for the front or whatever you choose for Valentines Day! (note: the block should be square, for some reason my picture changed while uploading to blog.)

(click to enlarge and print)
*Please abide by the copyright laws and give credit when sharing.

Enjoy! xoxo and Have a Great Valentines day!

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