Friday, February 3, 2012

Pinterest....a dream come true!

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Hi fellow quilters!

I've been having so much fun on pinterest, it is a dream come true! I have fallen in LOVE with how easy it is to store great inspiring images! I'm sure all of you, who have your own boards, have realized this, too. As it is getting more hype than any other social media site on the internet! I'm working on filling my pinterest with things that inspire me, (like most), as well as projects I would like to may, (as most) and making friends, especially quilting friends!

Pinterest is a great place to "file" any image you want to keep handy for future drooling over and admiring! Here are a few pics of quilts I absolutely fell in love with:

I also have a "board" for my designs and work in the quilt an craft industry, too! If you want to be part of the pinterest will need to be "invited" when you send in your inquiry. It make take a little while....but, believe me it is worth every minute of waiting! You can see that it is worth checking it out!

Check out my pinterest board by going to:  I'll see you on the board!


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  1. I'm addicted to pinterest! Best place for inspiration!



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