Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strip four square--- Block-of-the-Month #7

Hi everyone,

Well, we've got the NEW block-of-the-Month ready for you! This block is one of my favorites! Because of the way it looks AND because there is a little bit of a challenge with this block! You'll NEED to read the instructions all the way through to understand how the block is sewn together!!! Otherwise, you'll be stuck and not know what to do! You'll see as you get going!

Here is a picture of the block! I made mine from scraps! This block is jelly roll friend and can be used for the strips and squares.

This is the Striped Four Square!

There is another thing you'll need to be aware of and that is to be sure that the stripes line up. If you look closely, you'll see (and I shouldn't be pointing this out! haha) that my red stripe is not quite lined up...through the blue stripe. (don't look too close, now! haha)

Enjoy! The instructions are found in the Free 2012 BOM tab. Scroll down to Block #7.

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