Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabric and Supplies, How to Create Storage

I absolutely need to have a clean studio to work in! Otherwise, I find it difficult to find what I need when I begin a project! Now...I have to confess....during the process of creating a project/design...I tend to make a complete and total mess of my studio! (who knows when I'll need that fabric or tool again?) So, I end up with tools and piles of fabric in one corner of the room to sort through as I work on a design or even a book.

I do, however, put away tools and fold all of those fabrics and organize them back into my stash...when a project is completed! AND... I LOVE how I have my stash organized! I purchased upper kitchen cabinets (after making do for many years) which hang all across one wall in my studio, and below those, I have lower kitchen cabinets. 

The lower cabinets have the "kick plate" removed so that they are a perfect height for ease of cutting fabric. I left about 1-1/2" at the bottom, so that my doors can still open and I have a little room for my footies. Below are three of the four upper cabinets. I fold my prints a special way to fit perfectly in the space! When I originally organized my fabric into colors, I tried to leave some room on the shelves to incorporate new fabrics, but, slowly these have been filled in! 

I just purchased more fabric to "bring in" and add to these (it sits on the lower cabinet counters for right now)

What to do? Such a dilemma! What would you do? Do you go through your "coveted" stash and sort through your prints that you no longer want anymore? hummm...what to do?! Give me some ideas! PLEASE! (from desperate for space!) haha

I have another storage bin which holds my finished blocks and fabrics to complete the quilt! I also LOVE these bins, manufactured by Artbin! These fit 12" blocks perfectly! Artbin also makes bins for thread, supplies, serger thread tray, which I believe fits inside of the Super Satchel Double Deep container, etc. Check out Artbin's website.  

The storage container on top of the white base is big! It is the Super Satchel Deluxe and perfect for holding a complete project. There are two compartments in this container...The top can hold all of your supplies and the bottom part of the container can hold all of your fabric. It is BIG!.

Now, I have had to merge into another room in my home after I purchased my Mid-arm quilting machine! Poor "George," manufactured by APQS, is all alone is this room, facing my wall of shelving/drawers, which hold my resource material and some of my supplies. He is a beauty! I love him!

George opens up to 4' x 6'. amazing! The drawers hold all of my instructions, bobbin winder, some thread. etc. There is also a new table which is a little smaller and has no drawers. I prefer this one as it has more support for George's weight.

Please check out the pics for the rest of my studio here! I have more great ideas on how to store your thread! and small misc. supplies!

Please make a comment on how you sort through your stash and decide on what you want to keep and not keep! Thanks and happy quilting!



  1. Very cool Denise! By the way, does your hubby know how much you love "george"? haha!

    1. He will, as soon as I finished the quilt top I'm working on...George will get a good workout...! Love my Mid-arm APQS George!

  2. I don't have that big of a stash yet, I wish I did have that problem. If you want to you could send some of your stash my way that you don't want anymore. I would definitely put it to good use.

    1. I'm sure you would put it to good use! I have vowed to not buy any new fabric, until I use some of my stash up! I know I don't have as much as some of my quilting friends, but, I refuse to buy more storage space to store more fabric! AND, my daughter does come over to "shop" in my studio! Thanks for the comment!


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