Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quilt Market-Houston 2012

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I am having a great day! I just got back from Quilt Market in Houston, TX! Going to this show (trade only) opened my eyes to new opportunities in my business! I got sooo rejuvenated and inspired from the show! This being the 32nd quilt market!

There were over 550 exhibitors at the show, which means that it took more than one day to see everything...and there was plenty to SEE! So much eye candy! Beautiful fabrics, new product, make-and-takes, etc. Not to mention....the beautiful quilts on display!

I attended School House Classes on my first day. This is where fabric companies, manufacturers, editors, publishers, and designers create a class to show their new designs, products, books, fabrics, tools, etc.! It is a whirlwind of excitement, squeezing through hundreds of women in small hallways trying to find the next scheduled class....and there were MANY classes.
At least 20+ per 15 minutes or 1/2 hour! 

It was very hard to figure out which class to attend! They did give you 2 hours to figure out some sort of schedule, but, I found that there were at least 2-3 different topics I was interested in. So, I circled those. I attended the first class (circled) and decided whether to stay or not, if not, I would then "hop" over to the next one and decide if I wanted to stay or not. I called myself a "hopper" during the schoolhouse classes. And I had a blast seeing all the new quilt products/fabrics!

 Here is Valori Wells, talking about her new fabrics and quilts made from the fabric! (I apologize for the blurry pics, I was using an ipad and had to zoom in) She had some very creative ideas on quilt design!

 Love the combination of colors on the above quilt, with the blues, oranges and greens! Seems that all colors are used to make quilts...The secret is putting them next to other fabrics that "blend"
 with the print! Her fabric is manufactured by Free Spirit.

 I really liked the colors and layers of design on the above little tote that Valori made!

 Another class I attended was sponsored by Andover Fabrics, who manufacturers fabric for Modern Quilt Studio and realized that I love modern quilts! The colors and simplicity made these quilts just stunning! In the picture above is a table full of Modern Quilts! Andover employee (son), waiting to help show them off! I especially liked the quilt hanging on the rack!

Here is a book written by Weeks and Bill Kerr! the Modern Quilt Workshop

Love the above quilts! and the combination on the fabrics! Some day I'll be making a 'modern' quilt!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with these quilts, the soft colors and the repetition on squares and stripes! Love it!

 Cannot miss a class by Amy Butler! She introduced her new selection of beautiful fabrics, not only in cottons, but in voile, decorator, etc. She also has a line of clothing patterns! What a lovely woman! Her fabrics are manufactured by Westminster.

Amy's husband, a big supporter and her photographer got caught in my photo of one of her new bags, the straps are made from old leather about up-cycling an old belt!

 Amy also has a line of ribbons with Renaissance Ribbons! I didn't find her ribbons on the site yet, so they must have been new at the show! Fun thing about attending these shows, we see NEW things that aren't in the stores yet!

What a fun treat to see Edyta Sitar in her class on her beautiful quilts and patterns! Love her use of batiks and sharing fabric prints with friends! Makes for a beautiful quilt! See samples, below.

Edyta's book Scrappy Firework Quilts is wonderful! I have it and can't wait to make one of them!

More beautiful quilts by Edyta!

 Edyta show off her new fusible stencils! Her fabric backed with fusible bonding and cut out in her beautiful leaf patterns, flowers, etc.! What a great idea! Makes quilt making so much easier for us! She was using her husband as a backdrop! Edyta is a really sweet and funny woman!

On the left is a sample of Edyta's new fabric fusible stencils, she has a line called Silhouettes, and the stencils shown above, are new and are not on her site yet! I fell in love with this quilt, above! I have a love of baskets!!! Some day I want to make this quilt!

I stayed at the Hilton Americas hotel, which has a walkway across the street, which connects to the convention you walk through the bridge, you see this beautiful carpet! just stunning! Reminds me of the book "Kaleidoscope Quilts by Paula Nadelstern."

   There were some beautiful booths, like above! fabric covering all surfaces! It was amazing!

 Here is another beautiful booth! Loved the flowers, they were BIG, notice the person on the right? They were BIG! and very beautiful....notice more clothing?? it was everywhere!

Block Loc has a great set of rulers, which lock on the seam allowances and allow you to cut the perfect rectangle, square or triangle! I was so impressed, notice the quilt, below, using the rulers...Love the multi-strip triangles around each block!

 Here is a very creative booth by Anna Marie Horner! I especially liked the chalk board butterfly wings! She has a large variety of clothing patterns to choose everywhere at the show!

 More clothing ideas throughout the show!

 Overhead picture of the market show floor! Only half of the show, it was BIG! 550 booths!

Here are quilts from a design contest, using dresden plate templates, what a creative way to use them! I was so inspired! We have so many talented women in the quilting industry! These were made by consumers! All I can say is "awesome!"


I was so impressed with the quilts on display.  I'll post those soon! Come BACK!

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