Monday, April 1, 2013

EASTER fun, cute little bunnies

Hi everyone,

WOW! it has been waaaay too long since my last post, I promise I'll get better at it, so many things to show & tell about!

I've heard that it is best to start where you are and to move backwards, in completely your scrapbook history, so, I thought I would try it with my blog. So, TODAY, I'll begin with the latest thing I've made or finished...

It was a fun project for my two grandchildren. My oldest, Ryan, who is 4, and his sister, Evelyn, who is 2. My daughter and I "went shopping" in my studio to find the perfect fabrics for these cute little scrappy bunnies!  We made a mess.....Yes, we did!

First of all....we'd find the prints, and then my daughter kept looking and looking...and we'd find more prints, then....we, finally, figured all the prints out! And the bunnies turned out adorable. See for yourself!

These bunnies, in the basket, are the bunnies we made. I figured out a pattern after I saw the adorable picture, below. I feel so bad...I don't know where the picture came, if you know, I would love a resource to give credit...because they are too adorable not to mention the owner! 

My pattern was a little different. I think I have larger ears, and they are a little longer in the body, but, still turned out very cute. and the little ones loved them! I found them hugging them, rocking them, and then there is the, all American sport of..... throwing them! haha

I used the BEST fiberfill stuffing that I've every used, very soft and light. It is called.. "A Touch of Cashmere"  by Mountain Mist, from their Heritage Collection. It has 5% Cashmere Blend! You will need only about 2 oz. or so. I have a 12 oz. bag and barely touched what was in there.

Here is the pattern, please enjoy! Note: I'm not sure how this will print out, so, make sure that the 1" mark is 1" to get the right size bunny. 
You may need to enlarge the pattern, with your printer, until it is the right size!

Have a Hoppy DAY!


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