Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rotary Cutting Quilting Tools~

Hi everyone!

I would love to share another of my favorite quilting tools, from Dritz Quilting. It is their little sandpaper disc's, called "Slip 'N Grips." I stick them onto the back of my rulers to help secure them while I'm rotary cutting fabric.

NOTE: be sure to store the rulers with fabric between them or use a ruler stand. Keeping them separate is important, to prevent them from scratching each other. (believe me...I've lived and learned.)

Click above for purchasing the discs! You'll love how they help with cutting!

This is a set of my rulers, above, which have the "Slip 'n Grips" added to the back. It looks like I  need to replace mine. (I will probably add four to each ruler next time) They've been used for a long while. 

Can you see, on the right side, where I show how I scratched my ruler surface? I learned that I need to separate them, instead of stacking them, in a ruler rack or with fabric. Please take my advice. 

How do you store your rulers? 

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Check back for more of my favorite quilting tools....that I just can't live without!
Happy Quilting!

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  1. I have ne of those wooden racks that sit on my cutting table. It keeps them separate.


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