Friday, April 19, 2013

Sewing Machine Cover

Hi Everyone!

I just purchased a new/used sewing machine. One that I've wanted for over a year. I didn't want to buy it new, because sewing machines are just like a car, they lose their $ value as soon as you take it "off-of-the-lot!"  Believe me! I didn't want to pay over $10,000.00+ for machine. When I already had a perfectly good 13 year old Bernina 170e.  And... then try to explain it to my husband, that I REALLY needed it! :O) (you get me right?)

Well, I bought a Bernina 730e! It was a top-of-the-line machine and is, still, considered one of their best machines!
Here is the machine and extras I purchased (off Craigslist)...the actual pay no attention to the Santa...maybe he was trying to attract a buyer! haha
Now, I did find this on it was a fluke! I look periodically, and NEVER do I see exactly what I'm looking for! And, get this, when I brought it home and checked the stitching/embroidery time on the was less that 10 hours! Yes, I got the prize!!! and for a GREAT price, plus I ended up selling the cabinet (already had a great one) and sold my Viking Designer SE, hubby was a happy man!

I didn't have a "cover" for my brand new baby! So, I ordered one. It is a perfect size for the Bernina 730 machine. It is made by W.H. Collins, Inc. It will protect from dust and lint. keeping my investment safe! Some day I hope to make my own quilted cover, but, for now...I'm a happy quilt girl!

I will be posting about other wonderful tools in the next few weeks. Keep posted! 
If you have a handmade machine cover, I'd love to hear about it and send a link in your comment to show me!

Happy Quilting!

ps. I receive product from companies to use in my design work. I received this item from Dritz.


  1. Lucky you! Looks like you made a haul.

    1. I did make a haul, and I sold the cabinet, since I have one and also sold a Viking Designer SE that I wasn't using to make up some of the cost! GREAT deal!


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