Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bloc-Loc Rulers~for Quilting!

Hi Everyone!

I have another set of rulers, to show you, perfect for Quilters!!! and when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT! They are for squaring up blocks for piecing! Lets say you made a flying geese block, and it needed to be "tweaked" a little to really be perfect, the Bloc-Loc rulers do that for you! This is what the rulers look like.

The Block Maker book will show you how to make many, many different blocks!

Flying Geese ruler, cleans up edges to make perfect flying geese!
This image shows how you set up the ruler along the seams to cut a perfect flying geese.

Half Rectangle Triangle Ruler, GREAT tool!

Half Square Triangle ruler, perfect!
This image shows how to set up the ruler along the Half Square Triangle seam for perfect trimming.
The Olfa rotary mat is great for spinning the block around and trimming all sides.

***Search Bloc-Loc's catalog for other products and sizes of rulers. Bloc-Loc Catalog

How to use the rulers:

You will quickly see that these Bloc-Loc rulers are perfect for making perfect blocks. Have fun Quilting!



  1. I've done half square triangles for years. I bought the Bloc Loc Ruler at a quilt show last year. I love it. Half square triangle is a breeze now.
    By Christine Lee

    1. I agree, Christina, they make perfect half square triangles!


  2. Bloc-Loc rulers are great!!!! Super tool for squaring to perfection. Combine them with a revolving cutting mat and they are a tool team that is hard to beat!
    By Anne Freeman

  3. think Bloc-Loc Rulers are terrific!! We sold them at Shiisa Quilts and our customers loved them!
    By Janet Mease

  4. I own the flying geese set and I love them. Very smart - wish I had thought of it.
    By Mindy Marik


  5. I saw them demoed at Quilt Market last week in Portland and was impressed.
    By Maggie Ball

  6. I recently bought several sizes and have never had more accurate HSTs. I love these new rulers.

  7. Cheryl Malkowski • LOVE these rulers! If every new quilter got these to start with, it seems like they would be successful from the very beginning, and there would be more quilters in the world!

    1. I love them too! Bought recently at a quilt show. They are great!


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