Monday, June 10, 2013

FREE Quilt-Along~"Aiming for Accuracy" by Quilting Gallery

Hi Everyone! I'm posting on behalf of The Quilting Gallery....

This summer, join the fun in the Aiming for Accuracy quilt-along. This quilt is an original design by, Michele Foster. The quilt finishes at 58″ x 82″ and contains 30 blocks and a few single units. However, no need to be overwhelmed, as the most complicated units are the quarter square triangles. The entire quilt is pieced, no paper piecing, no y-seams and no partial seams.

This is an advanced-beginner quilt. Skills needed include the ability to accurately sew a 1/4″ seam allowance and accurate cutting, so that the puzzle-like design will fit together correctly. Michelle will be providing step-by-step photo instructions for each lesson and tips along the way too.
The first official lesson will be June 27th, with two other posts planned as indicated in the schedule, below. You’ll need these two pre-lessons too. Ideally, you should have your fabric ready to go for June 20th.
You can join the quilt-along at any time. The lessons will remain available on this site, for free, until the end of October 2013. A booklet in PDF format containing the tips and lessons will be available at the end of the quilt-along for purchase for a small fee.
The fabric is from Pat Sloan’s upcoming line Bobbins & Bits. I'm in love with the batiks for this line. Pat’s also quilting along with you and she’ll be using the cotton prints from the same line. The fabric will be available later this summer, be sure to ask your favourite local retailer to order it now. See the Fabric Requirements post for photos.
Not only is this a fun Quilt Along! There will be PRIZES! YES, there WILL be PRIZES! Check this link for the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt-Along by the Quilting Gallery website prizes!
I will be donating one of my Sewing Vintage Aprons Books!!! YES, you could win this popular book, by me!
You're gonna want to WIN this book!

I will also be donating some of my Stitchin' Up the Pieces buttons. These are cute little quilt pieces, that when stitched together create a quilt block! So clever, I know! They are a lot of fun, too! You don't have to sew them in a quilt, they can be used on clothing! Who wants boring buttons, when you can show everyone that you are a quilter!
These are no longer available, so be sure to to join in!
(or contact me with an order.)
This is a collection of what you may win, not exactly this group, but similar! Each piece works together with the others to create a quilt block!

The Schedule:

June 13
Recommended notions & products for improved accuracy
June 20
Beginners’ tips and cutting instructions for background (contrast) fabric
June 27
Lesson 1
Unit C1
July 4
Lesson 2
Unit A4
July 11
Lesson 3
Unit B5
July 18
Lesson 4
Unit C5
July 25
Lesson 5
Units A1 & A2
August 1
Lesson 6
Unit B1
August 8
Lesson 7
Unit C2
August 15
Lesson 8
Units A3 & A8
August 22
Lesson 9
Unit C8
August 29
Lesson 10
Unit B4
September 5
Lesson 11
Units C6 & C10
September 12
Lesson 12
Unit C7
September 19
Lesson 13
Units A5 & A6
Finish A
September 26
Lesson 14
Units B2, B3, B6 & B7
Finish B
October 3
Lesson 15
Units C3, C9, C4, C11 & C12
Finish C
October 10
Lesson 16

Join in on the fun and WIN some prizes along the way! Please share this post with your friends, too! Let me know how you are doing in my comments area! I love hearing from you!


  1. These classes sound perfect for people who want to learn how to quilt. They seem like they make learning how to quilt easy and fun! Thanks for sharing, Denise.
    By Nate Heard

  2. Hi Denise.

    Thanks for posting this......I might just have to do this one.


    1. Yes, you may have to do this, Judy! There are many prizes to be won! My book and buttons to name a few!

  3. Hi Denise

    I've been quilting for 7 years now, but love this learning piece. I'm joining in LOL!

    ps: gone shopping for fabric


    1. So glad to hear you'll be doing this quilt! Hope you win one of many prizes!

  4. Quilting is certainly taking off, anything to help encourage is great!
    By Susan Wallis-Thomson

    1. Yes, Susan....Quilting is BIG right now...especially for the younger audience! They are capturing the big "modern quilting" trend!

  5. Looks like so much fun :)
    By Sandi Knowles

  6. I probably should do it- so little time these days - hmmmmm...
    By Sandi Knowles

  7. Hi from Spain. How can I join this BOM?

    1. Click on the quilt along "button" in the side bar to join in the quilt along.

    2. Finally I found it. Thank you


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