Sunday, July 28, 2013

Craft and Hobby Show~"Create & Connect"

Hi Everyone!

I attended the Craft & Hobby show conference this week. This is a "trade only" show, where manufacturers, publishers, editors and designers attend. I go as a designer, and I go because I want to network with other designer friends, attend classes that will benefit me and my business. I attended classes on how to promote my business, finding my worth, how to improve my photo techniques, how to motivate myself, etc. The list goes on...each class touched on the topic, as well as many other topics helpful to a designer and anyone looking to promote or market their brand or business.

The conference was called "Create & Connect" this year and it was just that. I "connected" with so many new manufacturers this year! And met up with so many friends! Many of them were friends I made on Facebook and had never met in person! It was wonderful!

I took a lot of "business" classes, here is what I attended: (learned to much!)

1. Creating $ From Nothing: A Creative's Guide To Annuitizing Your Business, by Sarah Hodsdon 
Sarah Hodsdon~"Mother of Invention"

Work smarter not harder. Learn to leverage technology and the "adaptive intellectual property" you already have on hand to create passive income streams and grow your global community in the process. As a former Financial Advisor, Sarah Hodsdon helps bridge the gap many creatives have between chasing income and setting up systems that generate income automatically every month.

2. Free Publicity – You Can Never Have Enough! by Melisa Morrison from Sweet Home Quilt, Co. 
Melisa Morrison~Sweet Home Quilt Co. 

The work you do outside the doors of your shop is as important as the work you do inside. The more people who know what you do the better. The key is to use your expertise to keenly target your audience with marketing tools you can utilize that are free. In this seminar you’ll learn novel ways to get your business name out there without increasing your advertising budget. The effort is the key!

3. How To Work With Manufacturers For A More Profitable Outcome, by Dan Stewart from Lifestyle Crafts

You wear many hats as a business person and have to build good relationships to be successful. At times it can be overwhelming between running the logistics of your business and then developing functional and profitable relationships with your manufacturers. Sometimes you’re at odds with their objectives. Join Dan Stewart of Lifestyle Crafts as he moderates a panel of manufacturers willing to share their points of view to help you better understand their side of the business. This will enable you to grow yours and discover how you can work collaboratively for both a successful partnership and financial profits.

4. Multiple Streams Of Income For Designers And Creative Professionals, (Panel discussion, Crafty Chica)

In today's world even Hollywood entertainers have to create various streams of income in order to make a living and stay relevant. As Creative Professionals wanting to survive as Designers, we need to have the same mentality. Our panel of experts have years of experience and proven success in creating multiple streams of income for themselves. They will share with you the areas that has worked for them including:

-Project Design
-Writing Books
-Social Media

5. Craft Initiative: The Art Of Motivation, by Sarah Hodsdon

Sarah Hodsdon~Sarah Hodsdon is an internationally recognized mixed media artist, award winning designer, and inventor of needful things.
Creatives are able to make many things however, making time and creating motivation seem to be the most difficult. In this Demo-nar, you will be reintroduced to your Muse and be guided through the process of becoming more initiated, more innovative, more productive, and more profitable in your creative endeavors. Participants will be given a workbook/graphic organizer and a tool kit.

6. Valuing Your Worth.....(Panel discussion)

In this ever changing industry there are so many opportunities for Designers and Creative Professionals to showcase their talent which is truly wonderful. However, there is a fine line between giving everything away and building your business to earn a living. Our panel of experts have years of experience in the industry and have craved out a niche for themselves to build their businesses. Topics discussed will help you decipher how to value your worth, including:

- Working for product, for free or for profit....Who benefits
- When it does or doesn't work
- Knowing the value of......Your talent
- Your experience
- Your time

7. How to get your Work Published, (Panel Discussion)

Looking to get your work published? Do you want to know what magazine editors are really looking for? Join an amazing panel of creative industry magazine editors: 
and co-moderators Mike Hartnett and Eileen Hull, as they share their tips on:

- What makes a project submission truly outstanding
- How to format your submissions

8. Taking your Craft Photography to a new Level, by Carol Heppner

Carol Heppner~Professional photographer
There are many reasons why those in the craft industry need to photograph their work. Professional crafters want to sell their work; craft-designers may need to photograph their projects for magazines or product packaging; and others may simply want to share their work with the world. No matter the reason, you want great looking photographs of your work. This seminar will help you take your photographs to the next level.
Join Carol Heppner as she talks about:
- Camera Awareness
- Photograph Purpose
- Photograph Style
- The Right Light
As you can see, there were so many GREAT classes! I learned to much in these classes. If  you are a design business and would love to attend these classes, become a member of CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) There is a "designer membership" as a designer member you'll want to sign up for the CHA Designer Yahoo Group!
Happy Crafting! xoxo


  1. I loved all the classes I took, so valuable! Looks like you were busy, glad you made time to have lunch with me!

  2. It was an excellent show for me! I took most of the business classes and learned something valuable from each one! Especially the class on finding our worth.


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