Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Westcott Brand Rotary Cutting Mat and Cutters

Hi everyone!

I just received a new set of rotary cutting tools, cutting blades, mats, and several scissors. I'm always up to trying a new tool for my quilting and sewing needs.

All of these tools came from Westcott Brand. I wanted to see what else what out there for quilters, so, here we go.....

45mm rotary cutter
This cutter is made to cut many different materials; paper, card stock, photos, and fabric. I was excited to try this new rotary cutter, made to be ergonomically correct for helping your hands feel comfortable while cutting. Well, the first thing I noticed was the protective cover, it was waaaay in the way! I couldn't see the blade to know where to position it for cutting against the ruler. I thought, well, I'll keep trying, but, I consistently couldn't see and had to hold it at a strange angle to figure out where the blade was.

The instructions say to lock the blade into position for cutting and unlock when done. It was a little awkward locking and unlocking compared to other brands. If you wanted to just hold the trigger, it was not large enough to feel comfortable. So, I was not happy with the feel, and how it cut.
Scallop cutting blade

Each blade comes with a protective clear plastic cover. They do not come apart, so after undoing the yellow nut to release the blade, you remove it by grabbing the side "grippers" to pull off the tool. You'll then attach a new blade w/cover to continue cutting. You never touch the metal blade. It is "out there" so, be cautious!
Scoring blade
Straight cutting blade
12" x 18" cutting mat (two sided, one side is pink)

The cutting mats are very pretty pink on one side and purple on the other. And the color is more like you see, below. I like the 12" x 18" mats for cutting next to my sewing machine and taking to classes! A perfect size. I do prefer using a 24" x 36" mat, for use in my studio, the best. These mats are advertised at self-healing and seem to cut well. This rotary cutter, does work well with a ruler, I was able to see where the blade was and to cut, but, the materials it was made out of felt inexpensive.

6" x 18" cutting mat (2 sided, one side is pink)

Here is the block I made from the rotary cuts I tested earlier.

10" square-in-a-square block

10" dressmakers sheers
These ExtremEdge sheers are pretty to look at, but a little awkward to hold for cutting. they are just a little too fat/thick where you would hold your pointing finger underneath the scissor. They do cut well, feel VERY sharp and that is a little scary to me. I have to admit, I gave it the multi-layer test. I layered about 8 pieces of fabric to see if I could get a "complete" cut to the tip and these past the test.

The sheers come with a key that is designed to give users the option of adjusting the tension, so that they can be loosened for multiple layers. You can also tighten the tension to cut fabrics as fine as silk. This prevents the fabric from fraying or getting caught between the blades. (I've never seen or heard of this before.)

5" paper cutters

Finally, the cute little snowman scissors. These are recommended for paper and gift wrap cutting. They are cute, but a little awkward for cutting.  They are sharp and cut well, just not the most comfortable.

Well, I hope you liked my review on these products, Please come back and check out other reviews.

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  1. Hello, thank you for the review. I just got my first rotary cutter, a trucut. I love it and the ruler with the lip on it. I couldn't see the blade and I do pattern cutting not quilting so I used nail polish to attach a thread lined up with the blade that travels up the handle. Worked like a charm.

    Months ago I saw a video about a new mat that can withstand heat and cold better and doesn't have to be stored flat and has some sort of attachment so you can put two mats together. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

    Thanks in advance,


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