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HTML for bloggers ~ by Jeni Baker ~ Sewing Summit, part 4

Hi Everyone! 

How much do you know about HTML for blogging? I thought I knew a little bit, then found out I really was only touching the service of what I could know! I attended a class by Jeni Baker of In Color Order, and learned so much! Jeni is a quilter, blogger, and designer. She has a degree in Marketing and started blogging in 2000. She taught herself HTML and took programming in college. She started her business in 2009.
Jeni Baker
When starting out, Jeni suggested using a blog title that is easy to spell, pronounce and understand. Does the name, you choose, represent your brand? (see Part 3, on Personal Branding) Is it unique, or is your name similar to others names? Is it available?

She talked a little about transferring a blog to another host (which is what I'm thinking about doing) But, there may be some consenquences. Such as loss of followers, different look, etc.

Here are some examples for comparing:



  • Free
  • Easy to customize basic elements, limited beyond that.
  • Not a lot of plugins (widgets)
  • Simple blogging solution

  • Free account has limited customization, options available.
  • Customization is $30.00 yr in upgrades and only includes CSS and appearance
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Hosting is free
  • Limited in plug-ins and coding

  • Ideal for professional bloggers
  • Full Customization
  • Free, but must pay hosting/domain costs. Starts at $4+/month
  • Huge library of plugins
  • Customization requires some coding knowledge

  • Complete business platform
  • eCommerce and blog integrated seamlessly
  • $29-$179 per month
  • Full Customization
  • Designer support
I have been using Blogger for the past few years and I'm happy with the way my blog looks, but, I do feel a little bit constrained with what I can do. I have embedded "html code" into my blog for extra "performance" or plug-ins. It does take a little more knowledge to do this, and I've been able to learn from googling how to's.

But, I've heard that working in wordpress can give me more "presence" and more traffic, because of their software and options. So, this is my dilemma, I want my blog to look similar to how it is, without losing what I have when/if I switch over to wordpress.  And not sure I want to spend the $ to move over to the platform. Anyone have thoughts on this?

To use "HTML" (Hyper Text Markup Language)

There are some simple things you need to know. You need to open with a "less than" < and end with a "forward slash" / and a "greater than" > symbol.  So, if I wanted something "bold" it would look like this:

< b > BOLD < / b > (without spaces) See how I open it, and then closed it? HTML code, for what we want to do is very simple. For more complex code, like changing font size and font color, italicize, etc. You can go to

Jeni goes on in her class to tell us how she approaches blogging:
  1. You need to be yourself...We heard this in Olivia Omega's Class on Personal Branding (See Part 3 of my report on Sewing Summit).
  2. Have QUALITY over QUANTITY.
  3. Don't get discouraged.
  4. Write about something your passionate about, What is your passion?
  5. Be unique.
  6. Consistency in content and timing.
  7. Mix text and images (how did I do?).
  8. Share personal experiences.
  9. Be gracious, give credit where credit is due.
  10. Honesty is the best policy.
Thank you Jeni for a GREAT class! I know that "tweaking" will always be a given when blogging...trends change, our minds change, and our designs change! Keep on keeping on! 

I would love to see all of your blogs, PLEASE post your blog URL/address in my comments for everyone to take a look! Thank you! (Love this following image, it should describe us all!)
Love this image, wish I knew who created it...Her first name is Suzanna 


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I'm with blogger. Would like to be able to do linky parties, but haven't figured out if I even can. Otherwise it's sufficient for me at this point in my life. Here's my link:

    1. Hi Laura, Thanks for sharing! I'm pretty sure you can use to add the linky parties feature. I've looked into it. They have the free Hyperlinks, or you pay for the photo link ups.

  2. Nice job on your indepth blog posts. I'm especially glad you blogged about the classes I didn't take!

    1. Thanks Christa, I figured that if I make it detailed enough, I can always come back here to refresh my memory of the class. haha

  3. I have been blogging for about a year and daily since the beginning of January. My blog is Quilts by Jen, It is a WordPress blog with a platform from Into The Darkroom. I am very happy with it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your blog, Jen! I used to have a wordpress blog, when I had a website...but, decided to go to just a blog and tried blogger. Now, I want to switch back, because they've made it much easier. thanks for the tips...I may be contacting you about PS. thanks for the help!

    2. Jen, your "blog" link is broken on your page. I tried three times. It could by my internet...but, thought I'd let you know. You've got your page set up nice!

  4. Thanks for sharing the blog information! I recently started a blog and am still in design and learn phase. Here's the address:

    1. That's great that you are just starting out. Contact me if you have any questions. I've gotten to know blogger pretty well. I like the idea of having a place for sharing what inspires you. I also have a blog post on that topic. go to my "search" and type in inspiration.

  5. Denise, I use a WordPress blog and am very happy with it.
    By Jennifer Houlden

    1. Will I lose my followers even if I have a custom URL?

  6. I have been using Blogger for a while. Not sure it is the best way to get my posts out but it is easy to use. My site is
    I'm enjoying reading your blog.

    1. I've enjoyed blogger, but, I'm eager to see if I can get more traffic from Wordpress. I am afraid of losing followers, but, I am using a custom URL, so I may be okay. I'll take a look at your blog, it sounds fun.

    2. Fun blog, Celeste. Your classes for girls are a fun idea, and then having a summer weekly camp, that is awesome! I've thought of doing classes for girls, just haven't don't it yet.


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