Thursday, September 26, 2013

Personal Branding ~ with Olivia Omega ~ Sewing Summit 2013, part 3

Hi Everyone,

Do you have a business that is ready for a boost? Do you want to Brand your business and stand out in the crowd?  Here is a good place to start! ....Like I said, there was no way I could put everything I learned in one post, looks like "I'll be here all week!" haha

I took a class on Personal Branding by Olivia Omega at the Sewing Summit! And I loved it! Made me want to take a deeper look at my business and really make it a brand that people can recognize! This is what I learned.

Olivia showed us this slide to explain just how your Brand is a part of you, something that is tangible and real. Using the "parts" of the anatomy in your branding will make your business real for others and will help them see you as a person they can trust. Don't be afraid to show people who you are, be somewhat vulnerable. Be yourself!

1. Get Personal & Tell Your Story-
Turn on the "inner Wonder Woman and be true to yourself and know that you can do it. Olivia came to the class with her "wonder woman" headband and says she wears it while she works. She also was wearing an Avengers skirt, that she made, to also help her feel empowered in her business... We'll see if making a "power" skirt helps me! :O)

Tell your story  and be real, let others get to know the real person. Olivia talked about taking a lot of "selfies" and posting them on our blogs...This has always been difficult for me...I barely look at myself in the, I'll be brave and post my selfie from the class, see below. (I'm sure that also includes videos of us, too) I'll get there...I promise! Any tips for me on how to make some great videos?

Here's a "story" I'll tell about myself. I'd been sewing for my dolls about this age, and loved the idea of sewing...because my grandmother used to make dresses for my sister and me...notice the matching dresses...Mine is Green! YAY! I think my grandmother knew that before I did, well I used to stare at the you can see in the picture...and I never realized what I was doing until I found my Love...FABRIC! The second part of the story. I got this picture from my dad in the last 5 years and on the back he wrote, "Denise, the model." I about died laughing! I'm still laughing! Because it really looks like I'm posing!
(do you think I could get away with that pose, now? haha I might surprise you one day! NOT!) [my little brother was such a cutie, he is showing his "photo face" from staring at the sun for so long...we have many of him like this...cutie]
So, to see more of my "story" go to my "about Denise" page! You'll see that I love to sew! And even majored in it at BYU. Clothing and Textiles was my major!

DISCLAIMER...[need one!] my photo, taken in class, looked a little distorted to me, and when I tried to get a shot straight on, my eyes looked closed, is a tip they gave me... Hold the phone up a little and your eyes will open more.  (no laughing) I'll get better, I promise! haha

Notice that I didn't make this picture large?  I didn't want to scare you! haha
2. Determine Your Photo Treatment-
Notice, in this picture, the photo that "Mimi G Style" has, below...she uses three photos and three different poses, and used the same background. That has become her 'brand.'
In this next photo, by "Canoe Ridge Creations" takes a lot of her pictures using her wooden deck as the background. and brighter light. that is how she created her brand, through her photos.

Begin using "signature" ideas for your photos. I have never thought of this before! So, I'll be more consistent in how I take my photos! I will think about this and come up with something unique and creative to really show my "brand."

3. Define Your Thang-
This can be as easy as creating a "mission statement" which includes how you want to run your business and straight line quilting for a modern look, designing upcycled pieces, keeping up with trends, working with specific florals, vintage, modern, rustic, etc.

4. Consistency is Key-
Have a signature item in your business, that defines you and keep it consistent. Keep the best of your work the same to keep customers happy. Use consistent color, logo and photos in your work to be authentic with your "look."

Here is your assignment:

  1. Pump up your personality in your blog, etc.
  2. Evaluate blog brand, do a self-audit. Is it how you want it to look?
  3. Set short term and long terms goals. And be honest with yourself.
I really enjoyed Olivia's class and felt rejuvenated to get my personal brand to where I want it to be...Work along with me and be your unique self! This is Olivia, you can see she has a lot of personality and shared so much with the class...notice her Avenger's skirt?

Olivia Omega
You can find out more on Olivia Omega's website. 


  1. Thank you for this synopsis. I am like you, I barely look at myself long enough to comb my hair. These tips will be helpful as my sister and I start a small local business.
    By Deborah Halcomb

    1. They were good tips, I'm already implementing them in other areas of my business!

  2. I liked your tip about taking a selfie with the phone held up. Many other good points also.
    By Celeste Breen

    1. Yes, Celeste, you should've seen my eyes before I raised up my iphone for the pic. It must have something to do with where the camera is on the phone. I wonder what it would look like if I turned the phone over??? hummm

  3. Denise, thanks so much for this blog post! It was so much fun teaching this class and getting to know all of you! Olivia


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