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5-Steps to Improve Blog Traffic ~ Tauni Everett ~ Sewing Summit, Part 5

Hi Everyone!

Would you like to improve your Blog Traffic? Would you like more followers? Who wouldn't! I believe that is one of the first things we all want,  and that is to have people read what we have to say! Otherwise, why blog??? I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog! I love my readers and love hearing what you have to say in my comment area! It gets me excited to share more with you!

Here are 5 Steps for improving your blog traffic in 30 days! A class I took at Sewing Summit 2013.

Tauni Everett said it won't be easy to achieve this, but the principles are simple. You have to be dedicated and follow through and Work Hard! Nothing in life comes easy! So, your Hard Work will eventually get you more traffic.

Step 1: Improve your Blog DESIGN!

Have a Descriptive Tag--have a great "elevator pitch" that can be shared within just a few words and include those as your "descriptive tag" on your blog.

Here are some examples of tags:
  1. Studio DIY-- Inspire, Create, Celebrate
  2. Sewaholic--Sewing projects, tips and inspiration for the modern seamstress
  3. SYTYC-- 10 weeks, 10 themes, 10 crafters. YOU decide.
  4. I Heart Naptime--Easy recipes, DIY Crafts, Homemaking, Inspiring naptime creativity
One of my friends, Jen Goode, Uses her words in a creative way!
Just by adding these descriptive "tags" will increase your page views. The WWW "spiders" are out there searching for "key" words when you do a google search. And these types of descriptive words help them find YOU!

Add a "Projects Tab" to your site--Make sure your readers can find it. This is especially important for those who are creatives. We want to show off our work! This page will keep people around for a while. Make it interesting, and things that are in trend!
Here are some examples of blogs who do it well:

Here is one of my latest projects. A sunglass visor.
  1. Thistlewood Farms
  2. House of Smiths
If you use Blogger, for your blog, there is a tool to help create a nice project page. It is called, InLinkz and it will make your pages look very professional. If you use Wordpress, your pages will be easier, they have a plugin like Category Thumbnail List and will create nice clean pages.

Feature Top Posts--Feature your top posts prominently on your site. I have mine in my sidebar. Be sure to have a SEARCH BOX so your readers can find a certain topic. I have one, and it comes in handy even for me! It's very hard to find something that you once saw and try to search for it again. 

There are other ways to feature other posts, and that is by adding a widget for "related content." There are several companies that help you with this. they are:
Step 2. Improve your Blog SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is so that the "spiders" can find your content. It is very important to have descriptive words so that your blog will show up in the searches.

Headline, URL, Content--You find these words when you create your "HEADLINE," which creates the URL with the headline title, and in your CONTENT.

This is how SEO works: If I was looking for something, lets say "basket quilts" I would type in "basket quilts" in quotes, so that the search engine would look for those two words together. So, the search will look for those words, and find places on the internet with Basket Quilts .....hopefully, your blog headline will have those two words, or your first line of "content" will have those two words, because search engines like looking for easy keywords.

Bold Content--The first time you use your "keyword" make it bold, it gives the web spiders a heads up that this is important. Use your "headings" throughout your post. 

Photo Titles--Use relevant images in your posts. Be sure to save your image with the key phrase included, such as "Basket Quilts1." Add an alternative title as well, when you upload your image. (blogger does not offer this)

Backlinks--With a niche blog, your're going to have a lot of related content. You can boost your SEO, by linking back to related content within your post. Here is an example of linking to another post. HTML helps for bloggers is another blog with tips. This will link to my previous blog post.

Wordpress has an SEO plugin, be sure you are using that.

Step 3. Improve your Traffic with Social Media Sharing!

Now that you have your blog up and running, it is time to share your blog to other media. Such as:
  • Pinterest--Have a vertical image, use text in your image (link back to your site), Create keyword rich titles and descriptions. Pinterest is one of the largest drivers of traffic in the creative industry. Here are some tips on what you should do when crafting a post for pinterest.
-Vertical images are pinned and repinned more often than horizontal images.
-Add a descriptive text to each image to grab more pins.
-Create a Key Phrase, instead of saying "adorable dress" you should say, "simple DIY princess dress" with hashtags #costume, #halloween #diy #sewing, etc. (the hashtags are for when you want your pins to go to your twitter pages, it will grab more followers from people who search for topics.)
-Be consistent in your pinning. Try to pin at least 5 times a day.
  • Facebook--Post to your status updates using photos, (facebook has a program called "networked blogs" which will automatically post your blog post to your facebook page or fan page. It will also post to twitter! It is awesome!
-Photos get more shares and a higher click-through rate. Use bit.ly for tracking click-throughs.
-There is a better time to share on facebook, see when your fans are on and post at that time. Schedule when you post on each social media.
  • Twitter--have a "share link" from your blog to post to social media for your readers! I use "linked in" and "Google +" to share to those social media sites.
  • Instagram--This is becoming THE up and coming social media for your followers. 
  • Linkedin--I belong to several linkedin groups, which go along with my business, like the quilting, and patchwork, design, etc. groups. I get a lot of traffic from these groups! It's fun to read comments that are made in these groups!
  • Google + --I belong to blogger, which is a google product, so I've added the Google+ share button to my blog. It makes it easy for me to post my content.
(I've added my links to my social media above, link to me, if you are interested.)

Step 4. Improve your Traffic with Link-Ups!
Link-ups or Linky Parties--Link ups are when you have an area for readers to post a link to their blog. It gets a lot of attention, because we all want more readers/followers. Some people have link-ups every day or most have them once a week. Pick a day and stay with it. Some also create a "blinky link" to have in their sidebar for readers to post onto their sites for advertising of your linky parties. One of the most popular linky parties happens every Friday night at Tatertots and Jello.

Photo Gallery Sites-- These are great traffic generators. Here are a few:
Feature Sites--Another place to share your posts. Here are a few

Step 5. Improve your Traffic with Networking!

Guest Posts--Guest posting can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Swap posts with a friend and share links back to your site. Link back to a favorite project on your blog! I would love to swap posts or be a guest on your blog. Please contact me. denise@deniseclason.com
Check out these blogs as examples:

....for visiting my blog! I love to hear your comments on TIPs that you have used to increase your blog traffic! Remember you are important and no one else can by just like you! Please share!


  1. Michele Crawford
    Quilt Designer at Flower Box Quilts

    Excellent information! I just went to the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp with the Fabric Shop Network last week so your info coincides with what I learned! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I'm always looking for better ways to boost traffic. Would love to eplewrn more about the boot camp.

  2. I love it when I find good information by "blog hopping". I found you on Christa Quilts. I have a new blog and think the information in this post will be very helpful for improving my site. Thank you for sharing. May I include a link to this post with my next blog?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Autumn! I love new visitors! Christa is a doll to share my book with her readers. Good luck and come on back to visit!

  3. Thank you Denise. I closed my brick & mortar fabric shop after horrible family tragedies and have needed to find hope and focus. Your info is very straightforward and explains many of the things that have confused me about reaching people on-line. I know I can do this! m

    1. I'm glad I could help, Molly. Sorry to hear abt your store closing. Many are successful online. Selling on etsy, amazon, eBay, etc.

  4. Thanks for your info. .it is very helpful. I have been blogging for a while now but still feel like a novice. Ther is so much to learn and this article is so helpful..

    1. I'm so glad this blog post was so helpful for you, Diane. Have fun building your blog!


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