Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Building your Creative Business ~ Alicia DiRago ~ Sewing Summit, part 6

Hi Everyone!

Building your creative business was an important class, for me, at Sewing Summit 2013. Alicia DiRago, owner of Whimsey Box, gave us a powerpoint presentation to help us really think about where we are and where we want to go in our creative business. There were many, in the class, who were enlightened as to where they wanted to go and had tears in their eyes when they finally made a connection with their future business goals.

The above image shows us. that reaching a successful business doesn't take us on a straight path, there are many curves and directions we must go through to get there. This makes total sense to me, as I've been building my business, I've gone down many paths, and they weren't always going straight.
I thought this "model" spoke volumes on what it takes to make success.

Alicia shared the following image of WHAT NOT TO DO....Can you relate to any of those items?

I LOVE this quote! Where will you direct your "work?"
Here are some questions to ask yourself: or print out the workbook on Alicia's website.
  1. What is YOUR DREAM? What is the "Problem" you are solving? Write down what your dream is, what do you see yourself doing in 5 years? Can you say it out loud? Be FEARLESS! Now:
  2. Write down what you are AFRAID OF. 
Prove to yourself that you CAN!
  • Set goals on what type of "life" you want with your business. 
  • What type of "work style" do you want? 
  • What expectations do you have? ($) 
  • What skills do you have?
What are you really good at, what do your friends ask you to help them with? This will be your super power!
Put on your power woman headband and get to work!
This class really opened my eyes and made me think about how I wanted to run my business. I'm still working on the workbook, and really want to pin it down! Set some goals! and make decisions that will help  my squiggly path more of a straight line!

Please  share with me what you see yourself doing 5 years from now! 

Now, Let's GET STARTED! 

Spend a minimum of 1 hour each day moving toward that goal!
 Even if you can only give it 15 minutes a day, that is a start in the right direction.

Don't you wish that all we had to do was push the "GO!" button,
well, if you need to... print this out and press GO! every time you need a little push!
Begin with these simple steps:
  1. Choose a name
  2. Set up legal structure (sole proprietor, LLC, DBA, etc)
  3. Business License (EIN, State Tax license for selling)
  4. Accounting software
  5. Consider Insurance for equipment, inventory, etc.
  6. Have a network for help, such as organizations like The Craft and Hobby Association, Small Business Association, or even a "mastermind group" with like minded people.
Ask yourself this question: "How bad would my life be if my business failed?" make a list of 1-10, Now, Ask yourself: 

"What would it be like if it succeeded?" Make another list! These lists will help you determine if you are serious about starting a business.

Which "path" do you like?
I really like the SUCCESS path! Do you want to join me on the path to SUCCESS? Just press GO!


  1. Denise, I love the comparison between the straight line to success and the squiggly more REALISTIC one. I laughed out loud and KUDOS for sharing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.

    1. Thanks, Madeline! The squiggly line is so perfect, isn't it? it was from the power point presentation she gave. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Nate
    Nate Heard
    Private Baking Coach

    Great advice, Denise! It's best that people ignore their doubts and just go for it! Otherwise, they'll always wonder about what could have been

    1. thanks for your comment, Nate. I have a saying..."no regrets!" So, that means, I have to try it and see if it works, otherwise I'll regret it!

  3. This was a great post, I mean GREAT POST!!

    1. Thanks, Alicia, that means a lot coming from you!


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