Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Quilt Market 2013 - Arrived in Houston

Hi everyone!
Here I Houston! The flight was so much fun, I talked with a woman who liked to quilt, but hadn't done it for a while and gave her machine to a relative, but, by the time we landed, she said I got her excited again and will have to get her machine back to quilt again! (Made my day) 

I couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather! Gorgeous! The first thing I did, when I arrived, was to register at the hotel. I'm staying right next to the convention center, which makes it nice for my little footsies. They'll get a workout this week. Plenty of floor to cover, that's for sure!

Here's a pic of the floors that I'll be walking on daily, to get to the show.

I was just in time to sign in and register for schoolhouses on Friday. Met some very nice people in line, one of my favorite things to do is to talk to those who attend, because so many come from many areas of the world. Clear across the world, like Australia! And further.

While I was in line, they announced that they ran out of tickets for sample spree. Sample spree is an evening where you can purchase samples or product that are new at the show. Many stores can buy samples from companies to hang in their stores, or buy new patterns or fabrics that are new. This is always a BIG event and many women RUN to get to certain tables, especially the Moda fabric tables, and they have a BIG area of tables! They always have such beautiful fabrics. Women stand in multiple lines all around the table!

I decided ahead of time that I wouldn't do sample spree this year, I still have fabric that I haven't used from previous years, see this post! So, after having some wonderful tortilla soup, with my roomie, for dinner I went back to my room to catch you up on my events for the day. And let you know what first day quilt market is like for the "trade." After this show, there is a "Festival" for the public, and they are a blast! It is held at the same place just a few days later. Many of the booth's stay for festival, to sell.
I ran across this beautiful quilt market flag! It is so cute! I also found another tile floor that would make a great modern quilt! Check it out! I really like the way weaves. Check out my post in "tile floors, inspiration."
I'm going to read through the catalog and make my plan for the show floor for Saturday. Good night.


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