Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Quilt Market 2013 - Day 2

Hi everyone!

It was too late to do a post last night and I apologize. I had dinner with a couple of good friends, and we had too much catching up to do, we closed down the restaurant! Day 2 at quilt market was just as fun as day 1!

I love walking the floor, talking to vendors about new product and seeing all of the creative people and booths. It seems like each year the vendors out do themselves with displays! I noticed the fabric companies are showing a lot more clothing patterns! Every booth had wearables displayed, especially children's clothing. And on top of that there were bags everywhere! I'll let my pictures tell the story:
rainy day quilt market
We woke up to a rainy day in Houston! And a pretty view from my hotel room, the Steven R. Brown convention center on the right, BIG! And we walk up and down several times a day. I heard someone say they kept track of how many miles they walked and it was 5. I think she was short! It seemed like MORE to me!
Here is a very pretty booth, love the scene with the dress, purse, etc.
Another booth displaying a dress, I liked how different this one was, like a wrap dress and buttoned in the front. Cute little bag, too.

cling on magnetic holder
This is a product for those who like to put their pins in the clothing while they sew, it is magnetic and allows you to wear it on your shirt to stow away your pins. It is strong enough to hold a small pair of scissors! Cling on Magnetic holder

The Villa Rosa Designs booth, above, had a beautiful display and these cute postcard sized quilt patterns! I'll show a picture of the sample she gave me, it may just become a giveaway on another day! Now, remember, I have a bag giveaway going on, be sure to read my Schoolhouse post, to be entered.

on the back side of this 4 x 8 card are the instructions for the quilt on the front! So clever! This one is a little bigger, because it needed more room for the instructions, but most of them are post card sized.

trucut cutting system
I learned about this TrueCut cutting system, and I was so impressed! The rulers have a lip all around the edge so that the cutter doesn't  jump up and cut you, they also have clear round grippers to keep it steady, and open squares in the ruler to mark seam lines, or whatever you would need! Smart! And the cutter is ergonomically made to protect your wrists and hands from pain, it felt good in my hand, too. It also has a ridge on the side to glide along the ruler, no jumping or slipping away from the rulers edge!
riley blake
Look at this sweet quilt and little outfit in the Riley Blake booth!
I love these red and blue colors and the big stars on this quilt.
Cute little apron dress and wonderful display, click on pic to see names.

Cute little outfits, and bags, the fabric this year was so pretty, in every booth!

Look how sweet, little girl dress with matching doll clothes!
Kaffe Fassett sure knows how to do fabric, look at the beautiful pieces, above! I especially love the one on the right. The trend in quilting, the past few years, is to mix pieces together that you would not necessarily think go together! 

If you think that would be hard for you, this is my TIP. Put the fabric in a bag and just pull out a print, pull out another print, then sew those together for your half square triangle or strip piecing. If you need to have contrast with what you are sewing, put one print back and be sure that it is lighter or darker from the first piece. If you don't necessarily need to have contrast, like the quilt on the left, then go for it! The quilt on the right would need contrasting colors for sure.
Click on this picture to see the details better, I liked this quilt a lot, in the Rowan Fabrics booth, I think it was because it was not so traditional and it had a lot of details!
I stopped to talk to my friend Ann Butler, in the Kellycraft booth, who designed and licensed her clear rubber stamps, they look like quilt pieces, you mix and match them to stamp up a beautiful quilt like what you see behind us.
These are her stamps above, she uses crafters inks from Clearsnap inks. not sure why this is upside down???

One of my favorite displays, fabric designed by J. Wecker Frisch. LOVE her art! All to do with sewing! I had dinner with her and the quilting treasures sales people on Saturday night at Damian's Italian food. Talk about yummy food and good friends.

classic modern quilts
Display for one of the books Pickled Dish, Classic Modern Quilts, I love the sunburst quilt in the background!

There was plush fabric everywhere this year! These are sooo soft!

This quilt looks real, it is on a large poster board, love it! From the Quilting Treasures booth.

Have you seen "oil" cloth? It is fabric with vinyl on top of it. Here is a sampling of what it looks like.  Oilcloth by the Yard

Pat Sloan's Moda booth, showing off her new fabric line, Bobbins and Bits.

quilt market
Joanna from Fig Tree & Co. LOVE her prints!

cute little tote bags by Joanna Figueroa
Look at these cute little bags!

edyta sitar
Edyta Sitar from Laundry Basket Quilts, such a sweet woman! Look at her beautiful work in the back! She mixes batiks and prints together to make a beautiful scrappy quilt! LOVE her style.

camille roskelley
Here I am with Camille Roskelley, from Thimbleblossom. She is from Las Vegas, too. We found out that we'll be on the same flight coming home!

One of Camille's quilt from her new fabric line called, April Showers by Moda.

A pic with Kate Spain, and it was a "selfie" turned out pretty good! In fact, a woman offered to take our pic after she saw us, and when she saw this pic, she said, "oh, that is good!" She is a sweetie, she designs fabric for Moda and is learning to quilt!
american jane fabric
Another fun display! Fabric from Sandy Klop of American Jane, designed for Moda.

american jane quilts
Another one of the American Jane quilts.

alex anderson
Alex Anderson signing my book, Scrap Quilting with Alex Anderson... I got ONE! Yippy! They only had 30 to give out!
Click on this picture to see the details! These are stunning, raw edge appliqué and so much detail!

This picture is for my granddaughter, she loves sock monkey. I gave her a little green sock monkey and she sleeps with it every night! She also love monkey George!

Another awesome quilt, reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright.

I stopped by the Baby Lock booth and saw the demonstration on this top of the line machine. It sews while you are away from the machine, she proved it to me by taking her jacket off and sewing a top stitch along the edge, hands free!

Here she is, such a sweetheart!
Baby Lock may just be my next machine, so many people raved about them! Don't tell Bernina! Haha

Angry Birds anyone? so cute!

This booth should have had a shark warning sign! Don't get close to the WATER!

Dinner last night with two great friends, Ann Butler and Eileen Hull. And I decided to fly in from mars! notice the antennae? Haha   Here we are at dinner in the Hilton Americas hotel. we sat around and talked for so long, that we were ready for dessert! Plus, we kept thinking, "where is our bill?" We sat and talked for an hour before we asked for it. Here is my dessert:

This is a strawberry shortcake and not just any shortcake, it has crushed pistachios, powdered sugar biscuits, strawberry mousse, fresh strawberries, real whipped cream, and a chocolate swirl! Now that is what I call SHORTCAKE! Want a bite?

Day 2 was so much fun! More when I return home. I'll find a winner for the Andover bag on Wednesday night. See the schoolhouse post to enter.



  1. So fun! Keep the great pictures coming!

    1. I'm not even posting all of them, but, these give a good idea of how the show went, and I really enjoyed it
      , I was so happy to get your poster arranged for you, you deserve to have the awesome poster. It was big! Maybe 36 x 24". Congrats!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures. You even got some of my favorite vendors. It was just like being there. Can you tell me about the quit that's right after the "sock monkey" photo?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Shelly. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I feel so bad that I didn't get information on that quilt, because I like it so much. I tried to get the booth names and credit in the pictures I took. I'll have to look at some of the fabric companies pages to see if it is a free download, I'll let you know if I find it.

    2. whimsical willow boutiqueOctober 31, 2013 at 5:13 PM

      Thanks! My brain is always going a mile a minute when I'm there.

  3. Thank you for sharing all the wonderfulness of quilt market.

  4. I really liked the wall hangings by Lenore Crawford of the village scenes. So much detail! Thank you very much for sharing your trip with us. m

  5.! AWESOME place. Keep on showing us more. Feels like we're right there :)
    By Joanne Vaillancourt

    1. Be sure and check back, I have more to share for day 3!

  6. WOW what beautiful quilts and fabrics. I can't wait for the Lakeland Florida show this Spring. Thanks for the pictures.

    1. I'm so amazed at the quilts each year...this year they were exceptionally unique and beautiful...quilting is moving into a new direction...not so traditional anymore.

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful fun trip, by your smiles, you and Friends were having lot's of fun and plenty of eye candy. Many gorgeous quilts.
    By Sharon Boyer

    1. Oh, YES, Sharon...we had a wonderful time. I almost hated to come home and miss Festival, which was 2 days later.

  8. Thank you Denise for sharing all of the pictures and commentary. I don't know about anyone else but I'm jealous. I've never been to one of these events but one day I will get to one. You are right the Japanese quilts were just amazing.
    By Linda Cretella

  9. Really enjoyed reading about your day. Seems like even the rain didn't dampen the fun.
    By Sue Rutka


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