Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Quilt Market 2013 - Day 3

Hi Everyone!

Back home, now, feeling a little sad leaving such a wonderful quilt market! The last day always feels so different to me, maybe because I get a little sad leaving all of the excitement and beautiful booths, fabrics, quilts and friends, of whom I don't see often enough! 

The quilt show part of the show was exceptional this year! I believe it gets better each year! There was a theme quilt area for Texas and cows, and I'm sure there were other themes, I didn't get a chance to read and see everything. I'll let the pictures tell the story of my final day at market.

hilton americas, looking out the window , quilt market
Woke up to a Beautiful day outside our room! Stayed at the Hilton Americas hotel.

phyllis dobbs
I snagged a picture of my good friend, Phyllis Dobbs, (my roomie and friend of 10yrs) she designs fabric and licenses her art. She was working in the Gutermann booth at the show, here she is standing in front of the quilt she made from her new fabric line with Quilting Treasures fabrics.

quilt market
Here I am, with Phyllis and a new friend, J. Wecker Frisch, from Tidings of Great Joy, who also designs fabric with Quilting Treasures. Very sweet women, and glad to call them friends!

elaine schmidt at quilt market
Elaine Schmidt came by the Gutermann booth, she is another, long time, sweetheart, she is very creative, check out her website! Here is a sample of how creative she is...she made a tote with her QR code, to scan and go directly to her website! It was made out of grosgrain ribbon! Try it out and scan it!

Elaine Schmidt's bag, she mad the ribbon look like her QR code for her website URL. and it works, try it!
Like I mentioned before, there were wearable designs everywhere! These were in the RJR Fabrics booth. Such cute little clothes! Makes this grandmother feel bad that she doesn't make more clothes for her two little grandchildren. (I do have plans)

Modern quilts are becoming very popular right now, especially with the new younger quilters! This is a booth showing some of the Modern Quilt Studio quilts! awesome quilts!
This is a gorgeous quilt made from Kaffe Fassett's fabric! Here we are, below, in front of another quilt!
Kaffe Facett and me at Quilt Market
I stopped by to say hi to Heather, This is one side of Heather Bailey's booth, 
here is the back of her booth:

heather bailey's paper pieced butterfly
This butterfly is paper pieced, and is BIG, "go big or go home!" 

This is the other side of her booth:

heather bailey lottie da fabrics
This is a really cool quilt in Heather's booth, she said it was super simple, with sewing strips and cutting at angles, then sewing back together. Great stash buster quilt!  (Did I tell you that I won a fat quarter bundle from her website the week before quilt market?) woo hoo, it was the Lottie Da prints, that you see here! She found out, on the last day of show, that her booth won first place!

fons and porter quilty magazine
My friend, Christa Watson from Christa Quilts had her cover quilt hanging in the Fons and Porter booth. It looked so pretty! The staff said they will ship the large poster to her! How fun to hang the 24x36" picture in her studio!

eleanor burns and denise clason at quilt market
I had to stop by and visit Eleanor Burns, one of the innovators in the quilt industry! She has a new book out, too. She giggled when we got her son in the shot! Check out her site, she came out with some awesome Metal Barn Quilts!
I decided I'd better get a look at the quilts on display. I didn't have a lot of time, so, I only have a few pictures. I first saw these beautiful quilts made by some very talented women from Japan! Just look at how intricate!

quilt at quilt market
Here's an up lose view:

quilt made by japanese quilter
These are AWESOME quilts, all made by hand! Look at the little stitches, the quilting is only 1/4" apart! That gives you an idea of the size of the other pieces!

little bear quilt by a japanese quilter
This quilt made me smile! I love the little bears and what they are doing.this was a smaller wall hanging, but, still the details just blew me away! the little bears are just that, VERY little, probably only 1-1/2' tall.
little quilts in a large quilt
This quilt is big with BIG details, each square is a quilt in itself! (Mouth hanging open) below, is a close up of part of it, to give you an idea of the details:

little quilts in a large quilt
Now, what did I tell you? A quilt in a quilt! Really, could you do all of this detail...? I wonder how long it took to make, and again...all by hand!

I'll keep posting these quilts and you can be in awe, as I am. Click on them to enlarge for details.

Close up of the above quilt:

This cute little basket quilt is adorable! Everything is hand appliquéd!

This quilt, below, was sooo cute, with cut outs, very unique and fun!

quilted housed wallhanging

Another amazing quilt, above, where does their creativity come from? I was so impressed!
dog house quilt
This quilt, above, made me smile. I loved the fussy cutting of the doggies in the dog houses! I would make a quilt like this, miss having a dog right now!

This quilt made me smile, it was in a group of "cow" themed quilts...like I said earlier, where does the imagination come from! Made by: 

This quilt caught my eye and my first thought was, "I want that cake for my next birthday!" Who's going to make it for me? Haha ....seriously? Made by:
Another quilt made by a Japanese designer! I've heard that they pick a skill and devote their whole life to becoming perfect in it! I believe it!
All of these quilts from Japanese designers were in the same color palette, I didn't know if it was a challenge or not.

pat bravo rapture fabric line
I must be having a lucky month, because I also won a fat quarter bundle from Pat Bravo, another fabric designer, at the show. I talked about attending her fabric designing, class at Sewing Summit, a few weeks ago, she talked about her "Rapture" line coming out, with Art Gallery Fabrics, and I WON! It is beautiful!
I was sad to go home....such a wonderful week and full of inspiration. I've been busy making plans for my business and the direction I want to take! So, come back and see new things on the horizon!
I'll get back to the posts I made for "market" week and add links and enlarge the images. With this blogger app, I don't have many options.
Time to get over this cold I woke up with this morning! (Haven't been sick in years...I guess it helps to have a daily smoothie with all the good stuff in it, like; flax meal, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and bee pollen)


  1. Thank you posting the pics of quilts with the hand appliqué, that has always been one of my favorite techniques. The quilts you showed were amazing. I'm glad you had a good trip, sorry you also brought home a cold with your new fabric stash. m

    1. The hand appliqué was exquisite! There is no way I could ever compete with their dedication to one project. It truly was awesome in person! Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. It was great spending time with you Denise! I'm sorry you caught a cold and hope you are over it soon. Good pictures from Market. Wish you could have stayed over for Festival!

    1. Thanks for the great time Phyllis! I always enjoy staying with you, I plan on going to spring market, too! And this cold is a pain, haven't been sick for years, but with vitamins and my smoothies, hopefully it will be gone soon!

  3. Hi Denise, Thanks again for sharing quilt market with us. And a big THANK YOU for your positive remarks about the beautiful, intricate Japanese quilts. I was struck last year at Houston by comments like "She needs to get a life." or "She must be crazy!" when people see these quilts. So, thank you for recognizing and appreciating hard work and talent!

    1. You are welcome, Janice. That's too bad what others have said bout the Japanese quilts. I have such a big appreciation for anyone who develops their talents for others to enjoy! I hope I can do the same thing with my talents that our lord has given me! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  4. Too fun! Thanks again for getting some pics for me. I updated my blog post about my Chevron quilt :-)

    1. you are so welcome, your quilt really was stunning on their wall!

  5. Denise- thanks so much for posting all these pics- it was second best to actually being there!


  6. Thank you Denise for sharing all of the pictures and commentary. I don't know about anyone else but I'm jealous. I've never been to one of these events but one day I will get to one. You are right the Japanese quilts were just amazing.
    By Linda Cretella

    1. thank you Linda, yes, these markets for the trade are wonderful. I see so many inspiring things, especially the Japanese quilters display!

  7. Beautiful fabric and quilts. Thanks for sharing.
    By Deborah Halcomb

  8. Thank you Denise for showing us around!
    Myrto in Athens, Greece
    By Myrto Vlassopoulou

  9. Well, thank you again Denise - especially for stopping by the Kaffe Fassett booth and as for Eleanor Burns I want to know her secret, Energizer batteries maybe?!

    1. I'm glad you like the pictures from Kaffe Fassett. He is the nicest man! I know, Eleanor is a energizer bunny!

  10. Awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing Market with us. I have a new trick to share with you to kick that cold. I tried it last week when a fever blister (my first indicator) and the gland under my jaw enlarged. Saturate a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide (just the stuff in the brown bottle you get at the drug store/super market) and squeeze three drops in your ear (while reclining on your side) and sit there for 10-15 minutes. Grab a tissue and let that ear drain as you squeeze three drops into the other ear and sit there for 10-15 minutes--turn over and let it drain. If you are like me, I did hear a little fizzing going on and a "pop" and it cleared the ear I didn't know was clogged! I found the info on www.Mercola.com website and tried it. My fever blister (which I did not put anything on) and my swollen gland were gone by bed time!! In a day. NOT the weeks associated with nasty colds. Hope it helps you. Save for kids and grand kids too!

  11. thanks for liking my posts, Allison! And your remedy sounds like a good idea. I'm going through fazes. Day 1...runny nose, day 2...stuffy nose, day 3...started a cough. I'm so dry from the cold meds, that I think I'll try this remedy! I do like Dr. Mercola, too! Thanks so much! I happen to have some peroxide too!


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