Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Quilt Market 2013 - Day 1

Hi everyone! (So sorry for the typos, I'll fix those and add links when I get home, I'll know to bring my laptop next time, iPad is limited..even using the app for my blog is very limited. Thanks for understanding.) remember to go to my post about schoolhouse, I'm having an Andover bag giveaway.

Today was a really fun day. It was the first day of the trade show floor. There was so much to see & so many people to see! Here's a photo of what the floor looks like from the second level:

Here's another view.
The show is always so impressive when looking at this view, and you can't even see everything! I took this when the floor had been open for only 10 mins, just getting starting.

I've been coming to this show for many years, and I'm always to excited to get down the isles. A lot of the vendors have their same spots, which is nice!

A lot of companies have book signings and free magazines and I left with stacks of each! I'll let my photos tell the story of the day.
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Here I am in Amy Butler's booth, her fabric was inspired by her latest trip to Egypt, called Hapi! She's wearing a "sling" dress she made and there are only side seams, sleeves included. Her bags between us were made by incorporating different aspects from her prints! They were gorgeous, as she is, as well as gracious!

Here is Lindsay Conner signing a book for me, called Modern Bee, 13 quilts to make with friends. I met Lindsay at the sewing summit in SLC last month. And a lot to the friends in the book are friends that were also there! Great book and looks like a keeper, especially to follow along with friends!

Lindsey sent me this picture today. I think it is a great shot of how the show looks, see background. She is a sweetheart and her book, Modern Bee will be a hit with you and your friends!
Here is Nancy Zieman showing how her new tools work, she's got some awesome new tools that help you cut and quilt the easy way! Here is the brochure picture showing what they look like, she is so engenious! One of the tools, which is hard to see, is a ruler that helps to make half square triangles and quarter square triangles, four at a time! It is amazIng!
Trace'n Create Quilt templates, No Hassle Triangle maker

This tool tells you how to cut, trace and sew a half square triangle and a quarter square triangle.
 It is pretty awesome!
Joan Hawley, from Lazy Girl Designs demonstrated her new pressing tools. She has a silicone cover which makes it so easy to pass crazy fabrics like chalkboard fabric, and vinyl! Yes, vinyl! She also has a special hemming and cutting ruler. You'll just have to see the whole collection, I was "im-pressed." 

Here is the display for all of her tools! Check them out on the website for Clover.

I fell in love when so many things, this cute little wool felt pin cushion by Ellen Murphy of American Homestead.

Another fun project, by Kim Schaefer, from Little Quilt Company. Christmas advent calendar! I love this, it looks like felt, but it is made out of her fabric designs.

I ran into Alex Anderson while waiting in line for a book signing. Her books are published by C & T Publishing. She does have a new book out this show, called "Scrap Quilting with Alex Anderson" I'll try to get one when she has her signing tomorrow. She is great with scrap quilting.

The Shannon's fabric booth had some fun things going on, you can see that I am wanted! Haha

They have some new faux fabrics, and they are awesome, here is a mama pig and her piglets! This display was full size, too!

There were also full sized sheep, too. Talk about adorable!

And this chicken coop was just so much fun! I've always liked chickens, maybe my hubby will let me have some of these! No food or mess! Haha

Here I am with Pat Bravo, a fabric designer. Her new line called, "rapture" is so beautiful, I'll share a link with you. She was giving out some phone covers with one of her designs, so, guess what? I asked for one for my readers! So, you'll get a chance to win an iphone5 cover! Keep following, I'll have it soon! I found out after I got home that I won a Fat Quarter Bundle of her Rapture line! Pretty Awesome!!!

Isn't it sleek and pretty it is?

Here I am with Alex Veronelli from Aurifil thread, he is a hoot! And this is one of my favorite threads, they have just about every type of thread in color or size that you would EVER want! Even embroidery! They have a fun miniature gold course in their booth and it was so much fun! With spools of thread strung together to keep the golf ball from going everywhere, not guaranteed! Haha, see pic below.

Aurifil golf course, I did get the whole in one on the first hole, but it was more difficult on the other 7.

Below are the magazines I picked up, today...and they are FREE to those at the show. Someday they may belong to some of you!! Some day! Yay!

Books I got from signings, today...again FREE, but they are limited, you have to be there and in line or else you miss out...they only have a certain number! 
Sewing Tales by Kerry Goulder and Knockout Neutrals by Pat Wys
Get Addicted to Free Motion Quilting by Sheila Sinclair Snyder and
First Steps to Free Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli
Cut It, Sew It, Stow It by Ebony Love and Gimme 5 & Make it Scrappy by Tricia Cribbs
After the show I went to dinner at a really good restaurant called, "Damian's" Italian food. I was in the mood for shrimp scampi and I was NOT disappointed! It was good food, good company and good service! Thank you to Quilting Treasures Fabric for a great evening!

100am and....Time for me to go to bed, another big day tomorrow!



  1. Mind if I tag along with you next year? Fun, fun, fun!

    1. Barb, it was a blast! The more the merrier! You SHOULD go!

  2. Next best thing to being there! Thanks for all your photos and comments.
    Marci at Lily Street Quilts

    1. Thanks Marci! I'm so glad I could share my show excitement with all of you! Do you go to market?

  3. So fun! You know I'm kicking myself for not going. My quilt is there in the Quilty booth and I didn't even know it until a friend told me, LOL!!

    1. It was one of the funnest shows I've attended. The booths are really out doing themselves each year!

  4. Replies
    1. Vicki, there were a few times where I had to take a little break, so much to see and process!

  5. Aww, thanks Denise! You got so many great photos and I'm so glad to have connected with you.

    1. I agree, Lindsey, you are a sweetheart! Hope your book does well!

  6. Thanks Denise for sharing your day. Looks like a fun busy day. I have never been to a quilt show but plan to attend the Spring show in Lakeland Florida in 2014.
    By Deborah Halcomb

  7. I'm headed there today Denise - I hope I can run into you!! Love the photos - can't wait to see it all!!
    By Becky Schultea


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