Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bernina 730e Sewing Machine~Surprises

Hi Everyone!

Okay....so, I've been looking for a Bernina 730e for about 2 years. I bought a "new" to me sewing machine in January 2013. I didn't want to pay the "new"price and everyone was still selling it, used, for around $4000.00. Still higher than what I wanted to pay. Because, you see, I have a Bernina 170 that still works VERY well. I wanted to upgrade so that I could have the newer embroidery functions.

So, I looked on Craigslist one day, one of many in the last couple of years. AND, someone was selling just what I was looking for, Bernina 730e!! Not only was it the machine, there was a large sewing cabinet and extra cabinet, a Tutto sewing wheeling bag, as well as Mederia threads, and all of the extras. Even the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) accessory, walking foot, etc. I got a screaming deal for all of the items. I didn't need the cabinet, so I sold it to a friend for 600.00, Nice one, too. And, I also sold a machine I wasn't using the Viking Designer SE for 2,000.00. I made up a lot of what I paid.

I got everything in the picture, except the Santa! haha
This is the machine that I sold. It was nice, but, I was so used to my Bernina. And you can see why I didn't need the newer cabinet above. I love this one from the company, Unique Sewing Furniture. It has a table that lifts up on the back to make it larger for quilting! It is oak with oak veneers! (the prices have gone up from when I bought mine, but, you won't see any other company make one with this quality!!) The builder personally delivered it to my home, from Wyoming.
I started using the Mastering your Bernina workbook, like a good machine owner and doing the exercises. But, got so bored, because I'm VERY familiar with the Bernina machines, because of the 170e that I have. So, feeling a little arrogant, I just started sewing with it.

Last week, I realized that I needed to adjust the thread tension, because my first few stitches were coming loose. I tightened the bobbin and it still didn't feel right.

Here is a test you can try.

1. sew a line of stitching. See if it is loose at the beginning stitches.
2. check to see if you have the same "look" on the bobbin and upper thread stitching.
3. run your fingers on the top and bottom threads at the same time, if you feel a "high" thread on top or bottom, you'll need to do an adjustment. what this means is that your stitches are too loose and are basically "sitting" on top of your fabric. note: sometimes you'll feel the "high" stitching on only one side, which is what I felt.
4. so...I needed to adjust the upper thread and tighten it. On the newer machines, that feature is inside of the computer. I had to get my instructions out and read how to do it....this is where it gets interesting.

I noticed that there were names on all of the function knobs for the front of my machine. And low and behold....I found out that I have the "thread cutting" function! I was blown away! I felt so humble after seeing that I had a feature I wanted to have and just didn't take the time to really get to know what my machine could do! Have you ever done that? (please agree with me, so I don't feel like a complete idiot!)

bernina 730e
Do you see the blue circle near the thread guide? to the left of the function screen?
Well, that is THE THREAD CUTTER!!

now, to continue with the thread tension.

5. once inside of the computer, of-the-machine, follow the directions to tighten or loosen depending on what you need to do. I needed to tighten.

6. stitch a row of stitching, check again to "feel" the thread to make sure that it is "inside" of the fabric and it feels smooth, not "high."

7. keep adjusting to get it just where  you want it. It took me a few times to get it just right.

I LOVE my new machine, it even "sings" to me when I start it up. It sounds like a daa, da, da, daa, da daaa! and says "hi Denise!" Makes me want to sew, like a princess!

Now, I'll be checking my "mastering your Bernina sewing machine" book and finishing up the "classes!"

Have you got any stories about your sewing machine??? Please share, I don't want to be the only one in this Club! haha



  1. Congrats on your New-to-you machine! You got a lot for the $$$. I just want the throat space of the 730. I don't have $7,000 to give for it. I've never been on Craiglist.

    1. yes, check out Craigslist. (be sure you add the "s" otherwise you'll get a strange site) You may find it for a good price, even on Ebay!

  2. Try looking at the 710, it has the same throat plate or close to it, with the large bobbin, too.

  3. I have the 780 and simply love it

    1. That is a NICE machine! It has the larger bobbin, doesn't it? have fun!

  4. Denise, I bought the Bernina 820 several years ago, an upgrade from my 153. The learning curve was huge and it took a while to figure everything out but now I wouldn't give it up. Love my Bernina - both of them.
    By Jennifer Houlden

    1. You are so right, Jennifer. It is always fun to just get started with a new "toy." I'm also known to read the directions all the way through, too...So, I'd better catch up on that part!

  5. Two years ago I bought a new-to-me Bernina Artista 220 that had been upgraded to a 720 from a quilting friend. She used it for embroidery and I wanted something to make labels on. It came with the Bernina cabinet that has the back that flips up, stabilizers, 2 hoops, a zillion feet (some still brand new in their packages), a crate full of DVD embroidery patterns, threads, the Bernina stacking carry cases and more that I can't remember right now. I got it for $500.00. Only downside was that she couldn't remember how to use it, but with the trusty book in hand, I have been able to make the labels I need for my quilts. I only use it for embroidery because I love my Janome for piecing and my Innova longarm for quilting. I got a steal of a deal on this!! Congratulations on getting your Bernina - may you have a long and happy relationship!!

    1. wow, what a GREAT deal you got! You have a NICE friend! I wish I had room to keep up both of my machines, for that matters, all of my machines. I also have a featherweight, and my first machine that I bought at age 17, a Viking 6360...all metal, but sews like a charm!

  6. This past April I bought a Brother V6200D. I paid 1/2 price more or less, because I bought it at a show and they were having a show special. It's got the large throat, and has Disney embroidery designs built in. I've only had the chance to take one class, so I'm very much a newbie when it comes to embroidery.

    1. sounds like a GREAT deal, Eileen! And to get the Disney Embroidery designs, what a bonus! I LOVE great deals! Looks like we both need to brush up on our machines!

  7. Lynda Jackson
    Owner Capricorn Quilting, Longarm Quilting Service

    It is a long long time since I had anything to do with Bernina's but from experience working in a store that sells machines, and then seeing the people come into class having 'used' their machines but not read the instructions, I can tell you, sometimes you needed sunglasses on there were so many 'light bulbs' going on. :)

    1. that is so funny! We want to have the latest machines, but don't want to read up on everything it has to offer....I'll be kicking myself for a while about not doing just that....I'll have to get out the manual and really look at it! It goes for all of the other things I've purchases, like software, hardware, etc.!!! Why can't they leave the software alone for at least 2 years so we can catch up!?


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