Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Table Runner~Finished!

Hi Everyone!

I hope your Fall is wonderful. I just LOVE  all of the color changes, cool weather, and feel of Fall when I walk into my yard. I still have roses blooming on the bushes, but, that's Vegas for ya.
...these weather changes are important to residents in Las Vegas, NV!

I set a goal to make a Fall Table runner this year. And I wanted to use the pattern my daughter designed. It is such a fun and simple design. It also sews together perfectly, even for a beginner. (which my daughter really is.) She likes to sew and she isn't afraid to try anything. She takes her time and calculates each step of the project. (don't tell her, but, I think she is even more of a perfectionist than I am. I may or may not be jealous.) She did let me quilt it for her, because she hasn't tried that yet.

table runner and napkin ring patterns
My Daughter's runner.
This is how I started...with picking the fabric choices. One of my favorite things to do is pick all of the colors.

fall fabric
These are the colors I chose, I added a darker orange and the binding, after I got started to see what I needed.
fall fabric runner layout
This is how I figured the fabrics. I laid out the prints and then cut them out. I wanted to make sure I had enough contrast so you could see the beautiful pattern of the blocks. Notice my Olfa rotary cutter? It was my original cutter. I love this one more than any other cutter. simple and easy!
Sewing this runner together was so much fun, the pieces fit together so perfectly, make sure your cuts are perfect, too. I chose to quilt it with a variegated thread, because I had so much border, I wanted to fill it with more color.

fall table runner
This is how the runner looks without the binding, I was originally going to use the pumpkin print for the binding, but it wasn't looking right, so, I grabbed a black/beige check (it happened to be on my cutting table,
and it was perfect!

fall table runner
This is how the runner looks with the binding. I really like how the binding pops! I wish the pic colors were better, this was taken in the evening, when I lost my light from outside. The above is how the colors really look.
It now rests on our dining room table. on top of the table cloth, above. And it looks pretty cool on top of another print! I was going to use insulbright for the batting, but thought I would use some Warm & Co. NEW "Fusible Warm Fleece 1" batting instead. I'm not sure I will use it again, as it "bubbled" when I moved the runner to put the top onto it. I had to re-press the backing, where the fuse was. It feels a little stiff after it was quilted. I'll use my favorite Warm & Natural 100% cotton from now on. Buy the pattern.

Are you making a special Fall decoration this year?
if so, please let me know...and I'll post a picture of it before and after for my "Finish a Project" contest! You may have the opportunity to win a mini iron from Clover!!! (Give away is now over.)

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  1. What a fantastic table runner! Your fabric selection is perfect.

    1. Thank you so much! Check out how it turned out when I finished it. On my latest post.

    2. disregard the above comment, I thought I was on a different post. I'm glad you like how it turned out.

  2. love your pattern and choice of fabrics to celebrate the season

    1. You should make one, Pearl! It was so much fun picking the fabrics!

  3. This is beautiful. Gives me ideas for Christmas as well. Thank you.

    1. It would be perfect to have Fall on one side and Christmas on the other side.

  4. There is a garden spot in Southern Michigan that does receptions and events called Southern Exposure. Every year for 2 months before the holidays they have holiday decoration demos that will feature 160-200 "holiday decorating on a shoe-string" ideas that one can make at home. They have multiple demonstration tours every week which are so popular that every one sells out early. The decorations are very classy. The demo tour is followed by a wonderful sit down holiday supper, complete with recipes. The big surprise recipe for me was for sweet potatoes. It's not a gooey, marshmallow laden calorie bomb like we are used to seeing. It's simply mashed sweet potatoes, sweetened with a bit of butter and brown sugar, spiced with a bit of cinnamon. The surprise is that you sprinkle crushed candy canes over the top, let it stand for a few minutes and serve it. Those candies really set off the sweet potatoes. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and if you live anywhere near Southern Exposure by Marshall Michigan, check out their demos or holiday meals.
    By Cathie Philips

    1. thanks for sharing your wonderful memory, Cathie! It sounds like a lot of fun.


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