Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving~Favorite Holiday

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be a quick post, just to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is probably my favorite Holiday. I think it is because of the colors and the change of seasons. (it's also about the food, right?)

My husband will be smoking our turkey this year! 
And, I wanted to share, even though I didn't QUILT my quilt, BEFORE Thanksgiving, it is on the frame getting "pinned." I ran out of the "bent" safety pins and didn't want to go out to buy them until after Thanksgiving...but, If I hadn't set a goal, I wouldn't have gotten this far! YAY for GOALS!

This is how far I got: (lower left corner needs more pins)

joanna figueroa quilt
It is so pretty. Joanna Figueroa used a cream for her sashing, I found this very pretty butter yellow and love how it turned out. Even my 5 yr old grandson said, "Grandma when you stand at the top of the stairs, you can see how pretty your quilt is." (I didn't even pay him, haha)
Aren't these Fall colors so pretty, they were the scraps from my Thanksgiving Runner! I had to take a picture!
And to get myself ready for machine quilting, later this week... I will eat this sucker....
 I got these at Fall Quilt Market. Get your quilting on! 
(print the image and hang over your sewing machine!)

What is your favorite food on Thanksgiving? Mine is the Dressing. We have a recipe that has been passed down from my Great Grandmother! And then....I would have to say my Sweet Potatoes. I make them two ways. Baked with just butter/salt. And, baked with brown sugar, cinnamon, marshmallows!

xoxo....Have a wonderful day with family and friends.....better get the cooking on!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful, grand kids know their stuff! Your scraps pile is scrumptious from your runner. My favorite food this holiday is always the dressing, also passed down through generations. Hope your holiday continues to be wonderful. I have enjoyed my heart mug rug So much that I won in your giveaway. Happy Thnaksgiving!

    1. Thank you Lynne! I can't wait to quilt it. It will come down from the frame, today! and I'll start working on it next week. I like making the goal to finish something, seems to work better for me! I'm so glad you are enjoying your mug rug, it was a lot of fun to make for you!

  2. I love "wet" dressing - the dressing in the bird. My mom always made dressing in the bird and "dry" dressing - dressing balls that were not in the bird. Also, there's a family tradition - more at Christmas that is Ham Loaf. I think the original recipe came from a church cookbook. My ex-husband asked me to make it for him this year and my son and daughter both asked me to make it this year. My ex-husband and I took a trip to visit our daughter together from OK to NM in March, so I made a couple of ham loaves and froze them and then put them in a cooler on ice and took them to her since we were driving straight through. (That trip was a great learning experience - one I never plan to repeat!!) I've been back to NM twice and I've flown the last two times and I almost flew home by myself on the trip in March.

    Aren't family traditions that have been passed down just some of the best? Of course, sometimes it's best to start some new traditions, too.


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