Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vintage Sunbonnet Sue & other Oddities

More adventures from the inherited boxes of fabric!

Like I said in my previous post, I received a few boxes of fabric goodies from my mother-in-law. Well, I'll have a few posts to share, because there are so many fun, strange and unusual things in these boxes! My Sister-in-law and I had fun going through all of these things and smiling and laughing at what we found. First off, here are some photos!

sun bonnet sue
I'll start with the Sunbonnet Sue and Sunbonnet Sam photo first. These were cut from some vintage fabrics and I'm not sure where my mother-in-law got these. I understand the shirt, pants, skirt and bonnet, but....can't figure out what the pieces are in the middle. Anyone know what they are?
kind of cool how they were cut so nicely and symmetrically.   
Now...hold onto your hats, here are some funny pics!

scary kitty pillow
Little kitty pillow! Scary eyes, funny nose and floppy tongue. I know she had good intentions of making these for the grandkids and great grandkids, but...I think these would scare the mice...get rid of the mouse traps! This one is the most "normal" looking, see below for more adventures of "little Kitty pillow."
She cut out several at a time, these two are Ready to make up.
This one is made out of a knit fabric and they get scarier.
These are cut out of old vintage suiting fabric. the ears are getting taller, like a fox or bunny.
These are cut from some sort of heavy suiting, a cotton/polly blend. and scratchy. ears are getting bigger. (the better to hear you with)
The color and texture of this kitty is fun. Not understanding the eyes, though.

Not sure what to do with these pillows. If there is anyone reading this that wants them for something. let me know and I'll ship them to you. they are about 12" in diameter.

Now, here is something I haven't seen before:
Here we have some double knit, about 3 yards. This is polyester double knit with three, yes 3 different prints on it. First we have the blue floral, on the back side. Then we have the cute little juvenile print on the other side. Third we have the brown stripe covering the juvenile print. I'm sure my Mother-in-law bought it for the blue floral, because that was her style. But, what to do with this? Have any of you heard of or seen this?

I used to manage a fabric store in Fresno, California. And we sold "flat folds" which were seconds from the fabric mills. We used to get some strange things, but never did we get something printed three times. I wonder if it was to "test" the printing? Possibly. It reminds me of double exposed photos my father used to take with the old 35mm camera, the cameras where you had to turn the film roll yourself....never knowing, for sure, if you remembered to turn the knob. or not.

christmas tree prints
Here we have one of the more "normal" things from the boxes. There are 8 sets of these Christmas Trees. Not sure if they are to be used as sets, to make pillows, or if they are to be sewn together to make a 3-dimentional standing stuffed tree. (I'm guessing the standing tree.) Anyone know for sure? Not sure what I'll do with them, they may make nice advent calendars, wallhangings, runners, or placemats. But, they are tall, about 16" tall. 
Not too big for placemats! And may be fun to have the tree shape. I'd probably sew around the edges and turn it inside out, with a piece of thin batting. I'd put red buttons on the edges! sounds cute!

So, what are you doing-making to get ready for the holidays? It will be fun to hear!


  1. Denise, they are the Umbrella's. It would have to be a Sun umbrella for Sun Bonnet Sue of course, it couldn't rain around Sun Bonnet Sue. :)

    1. Thank you Natalie! I think you are right! I didn't get any hands or feet with the bunch. I offered them to a friend, but, I may make a set up for something, just to remember it by.

  2. Coincidence... I just unpacked some garbage bags full of sewing stuff from a few military friends who had "gifted" me when they were moving. Lots of notions and some perfect pinks for future projects. Fur type fabric and yarn. Lucky no polyester. some stuff still cut and pinned to patterns. Another reason to keep my stash organized kids would be scratching their heads in wonder if they had to go through this stuff.

    1. How fun is that Debra! the fur fabric is very popular right now. I got some at the Quilt Market and thought I would make a neck scarf with it. There was not enough for a quilt, but it is so soft and pretty, that I think it will be perfect for that! How much fun to look through things. I've purchased old hand-sewn blocks from ebay and when I got them, they also sent all of the hand drawn patterns, extra pieces...a real look into the way it used to be done! Such a treasure! enjoy!

  3. I read someone else's comment that they could be umbrellas. My first thought was since I can't tell from the orientation that they might be small Sam hats. Are there no hands and shoes? Sometimes since they were cut from different fabric they didn't get cut at the same time. Also, there may not have been enough fabric for the other "odd" piece. I bet it is an umbrella.

    My mother had pieced (not EPP) a queen Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and hand quilted them for each my brother and me. I had never put mine on my bed because it was so precious to me. It was stolen from my home along with a quilt made by my husband's grandmother. In addition, almost all the material things I had inherited from my parents were stolen. I found one of my grandmother's diamond ring at a pawn shop, so we knew who did it since she used her real name when she pawned it. The "wonderful" DA let her walk on the charges not once but twice. However, in going through a box of things from my mom, I found about 40 additional flowers she had made and some that were cut out and some fabric that obviously was meant for a GFG quilt. So, I am slowly trying to "replace" that quilt. We have no idea how long I have been dealing with double vision and being able to cope with it. I finally had to no longer deny it in May and it is getting progressively worse. I'm now having trouble reading. I cannot thread a needle, so all quilting has ceased for now.

    My children would have no idea what to do with lots of my stash. I do have all my "kits" in boxes and labelled and most have the pattern with them unless it's in a book and some have the book in the box with it.

    What fun to receive such a nifty surprise.

    1. wow, what a horrible experience to have all of your mother's things stolen and then the woman not put in jail! They make needle threaders on the machines, now. for hand sewing, too. and they also make magnifiers to attach to the machines to see. I love mine. it has three strengths! I used it to top stitch the other day! I hope your children will want to quilt/sew. I'm so grateful that my daughter enjoys it. My Daughter-in-law doesn't know how and doesn't really appreciate all the work that goes into it. Their cats now enjoy one of the first quilts I made for my son when he was about 12 or so. I almost cried. thought I would make the cats their own blankets, so my son could use the quilt again. It was one of those "bottled bugs" quilts with the canning jars. I used bug fabric for the jar. it was really cute.


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