Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 4, 5, 6 ~Moda's "Spell it with Fabric"

Hi Everyone!

Wow, I sure let my week get by me! But, I've completed more of Moda's Spell it with Fabric Alphabet blocks, Here we go:

moda spell it with fabric
I wanted to add more color to my "L" block, so, I sewed 2-1/2" square together for the shape.

moda spell it with fabric
Can you tell I'm making my letters go from light to dark and then light again? I began with colors from the "country" era. and now I'm using colors from the Newer fabric era, which are brighter...Hopefully, it will turn out how I invision it!

moda spell it with fabric
I'm beginning the additional parts to my quilt. 

 I'm adding more scrappy pieces around each letter. I'm choosing fabrics that can relate to kids, like fun shapes, etc.

moda spell it with fabric
I love finding interesting fabrics, especially some that I haven't used in a while! I mean years!

 Some of you wanted to know how I made my "G" block. I drew out the shape (roughly) onto some paper and included the measurements. (I mean it is rough...) have fun!

moda spell it with fabric, denise clason G

moda spell it with fabric, stephanie ryan
Another example of the alphabets. This is what Stephanie Ryan made. I really like it, too.
 I may have to make another quilt!

I hope you are enjoying Moda's Spell it with Fabric blog hop. I am! I'll have more of my blocks up soon!



  1. I've gathered all the block patterns and instructions, etc. I can't wait to do this! I have a grandson due in mid-April and several other priorities for making crib bumpers, etc., but this alphabet thing poses all kinds of possibilities for me. Thanks so much for bringing this to us!

  2. Lovely ideas for letters but if you are making things for small children remember they do not learn to read in capital letters.
    Small case letters can be made in the same way.
    I have made lots of things for children using small squares of scrap fabrics for names, etc.

  3. Too awesome, how are you doing on the rest of the letters. I had all I could do to get the patterns of all! We are still having more snow in Iowa, oh so depressing! My hubby is no longer able to do snow removal about our home! No worries, we have no where to go!
    Denise, I am so infatuated by the add-ons to the letter blocks. Very cute fabric line!
    By Mary Buchanan

    1. Mary, so sorry for all the snow you are getting in Iowa. I'm finishing up the alphabet. I'm on X, but don't like how it turned out. I need to make the colors closer in shade, because it looks likes stripes right now. I'll post about the before and after.


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