Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moda "Spell it with Fabric"~ Ran into a Glitch!

UPDATED POST: March 21, 2014

Hello Again!

Here is my, new, Updated "X" block. I like it so much better! Don't you?

moda spell it with fabric
Doesn't look as stripy!

Hi Everyone,

I was going so well with my Alphabet blocks, when I realized that my X block didn't look very good with how I placed the fabrics. I've been making my blocks, "scrappy," and this one didn't turn out so well! I didn't like the way the colors turned into stripes. I need to redo it or start all over. If I can remove the darker orange color, then, I'll find another print that will work, so that I don't have the dizzy stripes anymore!

I've been fretting on doing this....bringing out the seam ripper, again! But, it looks like I need to do that. I really don't want to redo the center of the X, as it looks pretty good and there are soooo many pieces in the X block.

Here it is:

Now, don't you agree? it looks like a striped X, right?
I'm thinking of trading out the darker color for one of these:

I'm favoring the print on the right.
Let me know what print you like...I'll post the finished block when I remake it.




  1. What a fun block! I love this whole alphabet series. I agree with you - I think switching out the darker print for a more medium tone would work well. Either the fabric on the left or right would go well. I think the middle check would clash. Have fun re-doing it!

    1. It is a fun block. I may have to do these all over again, with the color for the background. I also favor the right side. Thanks Christa!

  2. I agree with the fabric on the right! It is looking like a lot of fun.

  3. Thanks, having both of you mention the right side has me decided! I'll remake the block, today and post!


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