Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Swoon Class with Camille Roskelley! = FUN!

Hi everyone!
I just got through taking a class with Camille Roskelley, from Thimble Blossoms! I took it at our local quilt store (Quiltique). Camille lives where I live and she frequents the store. So, she asked if she could do a class, as a practice class, for when she teaches in Australia! Yes, Australia, can you imagine going there to teach a class? Awesome! Camille said that she doesn't usually teach and wanted to get familiar with it. She also has a Craftsy class, click on the link on my sidebar!
Any way, I signed up to take the Swoon class and the next day she did a trunk show. So, here are the fun pictures! Enjoy! You can find her patterns on Thimble Blossom's website. She sells them in paper or by PDF download.

show and tell, camille roskelley
Here is Camille, she's talking about her Swoon quilt. she is so cute!
Camille Roskelley
She brought her Swoon quilt, straight off of their bed, She used Anna Maria Horner prints.
Camille Roskelley's swoon block
This Swoon Wallhanging is adorable and so "modern" looking with the straight
machine quilting.
camille roskelley's mini swoon
And...here is the little mini swoon quilt...(in a baby voice) isn't is adorable, too?
swoon block class with camille roskelley
Here I am, all tired, after an evening of sewing...I finished my first swoon block!
These are the photos from the Trunk Show the next day:
camille roskelley trunk show
Look at all the wonderful quilts all stacked up!
camille roskelley swoon quilt
Here is the Swoon quilt! She has 12 blocks in her quilt.
camille roskelley mini swoon
The Mini Swoon quilt! so cute! She started making these to display her patterns at quilt market. she didn't have enough room in the booth for the full sized quilt, so she made the minis...and the rest is history!
round and round quilt, camille roskelley
Here it is again, Round and Round Quilt, with a light background! I really like this one.
camille roskelley's mini round and round
Mini Round and Round quilt.
camille roskelley's scrappy around the world quilt
This is the Scrappy Around the World quilt, that the quilt store had a class on...
someday, I'll make this one, too.
camille roskelly's spool quilt
Camille's version of her Spools quilt. Held up by Quiltique's store owner Jan.

camille roskelley's mini spool quilt
And the Mini Spools quilt.

camille roskelley's dwell quilt
This is Camille's Dwell Pattern.

camille roskelley's mini dwell quilt
And the Mini Dwell pattern! Love!

camille roskelley's swell quilt
"Swell" is the name of this quilt, I think it is new.

camille roskelley's fresh quilt
"Fresh" is the name of this quilt!

machine quilting
The machine quilting was awesome on this quilt.

camille roskelley's field day quilt
another cute quilt, called "Field Day"

camille roskelley's fireworks quilt
This one is called Fireworks, and I love it! I won this pattern! Can't wait to make it.

camille roskelley's niner quilt
This quilt is called Niner, because of the 9-patches.

camille roskelley's machine quilting
More fun machine quilting on this quilt.

camille roskelley's puddle jumping quilt
this quilt is called Puddle Jumping, I also won this quilt pattern, and LOVE it! Can't wait to make this one.

camille roskelley's mini puddle jumping quilt
And the mini Puddle Jumping quilt! You can see the size difference, with it next to the original size.

camille roskelley's raincheck quilt, april showers
This is Raincheck! It is made from their latest line of fabric, called April Showers!

camille roskelley's raincheck quilt
Another view! Such a cute quilt!

camille roskelley's machine quilting, raincheck, april showers
Up close view, each block has different machine quilting, makes for an interesting and cute quilt!

And the mini Raincheck, sorry it is blurry. But, you get the idea of how small it is.

camille roskelley's raincheck quilt
Another pic of the Raincheck and mini Raincheck.

Liisa Alexander quilt
This is the quilt from the Feb 2014 American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine,
designed by Liisa Alexander. A lot of the Moda designers made this in a quilt along. LOVE it, too

Liisa Alexander quilt, american patchwork an quilting
Liisa Alexander quilt, close up

American Patchwork & Quilting February 2014

Camille roskelley's red letter day quilt
This is a brand new quilt by Camille, called Red Letter day. Can you tell why?
Really like her large blocks!

camille roskelley's orphan block quilt
This was the last quilt that Camille showed to us, it is a mixture of all of her orphan blocks, what a cute quilt! She's had requests to make a pattern, but, I think it would be difficult to create one....If you have her patterns, I bet you could make one!

camille roskelley's rise and shine mini quilt
Oops, I almost forgot to show you this cute little quilt, being held by Camille's son! They came by to surprise her during the Trunk Show on Saturday. He's holding the Rise & Shine mini quilt.

All in all, my National Quilt Day weekend was a lot of fun (March 14th-15th) What did you do that weekend?


  1. Great quilt show! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome, it was a fun two days with Camille!

  2. Great post! Camille is a very talented young woman. Congrats to her on her upcoming class in Australia!
    By Becky Wright

    1. Yes, she is very talented and is very lucky to work with her mother. I've been trying to get my daughter to work with me for a long time...

  3. All of the quilts were beautiful, love the large block quilts!
    By Mary Buchanan

    1. They were all very pretty! Got me inspired to sew, sew, sew!

  4. I have just signed up for Camilles class and trunk show here in Australia next month - so excited!! Love seeing the photos you took - her quilts are truly beautiful!

    1. You will LOVE her class, it is the same one that you see in my post. She actually did this class in preparation for her classes in Australia! Sew....she practiced just for you! Enjoy! I sure did!

  5. Thank you for documenting the class for the rest of us to see! How fun! Here are the unknown quilt names (in order of your blog post): swell, fresh, and field day. The first two patterns may be found in Camille's latest book entitled, "simply retro". The third pattern comes as part of Camille's second (excellent!) Craftsy class entitled, "playful piecing techniques". Can you tell I'm a huge fan of Camille's? :-)

    1. Thank you for sharing the names of the quilts, Karen. I tried to find them on her website and didn't have any luck.


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