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Rebekah Meier Stencil Blog Hop

Hi Everyone,

My very good friend, Rebekah Meier designed some GREAT Stencils for crafting and creating mixed media projects for your home and for gifts!

These stencils can be used in many different ways, on fabric, wood, paper, metal, even on your walls! Get creative and make up something you will love! Here is a picture of the whole line. You can buy them from The Crafter's Workshop.

denise clason, stencils
There are many fun stencils to work with in several different sizes, 6" and 12"
Rebekah sent me some 6" stencils to play around with and I decided to make a wooden plaque, using some of my favorite materials, Paint, glazing medium, metallic paint, and old vintage hardware.

I started with an 8" x 10-3/4" arch wooden plaque # 23426 (Walnut Hollow)

denise clason
Walnut Hollow Arch Plaque #23426
I lightly sanded it with 200 grit sandpaper.

Then with Sulky's Temporary Spray Adhesive, I adhered the 6" Stained Glass stencil onto the upper part of the wooden plaque.

You may use other Temporary Sprays, I just happen to have this one. It is my favorite, because I can use it on a lot of different surfaces and it is safe. They also have a "green" label, too.

denise clason

Then I spread some spackle with a metal spatula. Be sure to clean your materials, the stencil and spatula  will dry quickly.

With the large Tulip Fabric brush, I painted the plaque with Americana Satin Paint, Almond.

Dip your brush into water, tap onto a paper towel, then into the paint and with a back and forth method, paint the wood on all sides. You may want to have a can to place the board onto for drying and painting, so that you don't get stuck to your surface.  Let dry. Clean brush in water.

Mix the Black/Green paint with Delta's Glazing Medium 1:1.

Use your brush to paint over the Almond. This mixture stays "wet" a little longer for you to get the right look you want. I wanted a look that showed the color through the black/green.

Note: If it looks too dark, get your brush wet and "scrub" the area to "loosen" up the paint and then brush it to get the right look. This is how mine looked at this stage:

#rebakahmeier #stencil, denise clason
This shows how to apply the black/green/glaze to your wood.
Notice that I have the edges darker? You'll want to achieve the same affect. 
After the paint dries, apply a coat of the glazing medium. Let dry. Clean brush.

With a "dry" brush, (do not dip into water, add paint to brush and dab onto paper towel to get most of the paint off) Apply, using a back and forth method,  the Decoart Dazzling Metallics, Splendid Gold, to the surface.

denise clasondenise clasondenise clason

After I applied the gold, I realized the project needed more depth, so I dry brushed some Folkart Houser Green Light over the gold.

Then I dry brushed some Folkart Burnt Carmine (dark purple) over the top. (Leave a lighter area where you'll be placing your metal hardware)

And the final step was to add a little more gold over all the layers. Note: I also added some of the above three paints to the hardware to help it blend in with the plaque.

#rebekahmeier #stencil #vintage #metalhardware #deniseclason
I'm happy with how this turned out. It took a few layers of each paint to make it how I wanted. Notice how I also have the burnt carmine paint heavier around the edges? You want to give it depth.
Attach a piece of hardware, an old key, a metal saying, or an old drawer handle, for adornment. Apply gilding to the top of the hardware. I used Beacon's Glass, Metal and More to adhere the hardware. It needs to lie down to dry overnight. If you have nails, you can skip the glue.

Check out other Blogs who have ideas for the STENCILS! Some of the best designer's in the business! 



  1. Just fabulous! Thanks for all the details!

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  6. Beautiful, love the varied look in the paint! I need to buy that temporary adhesive. Thanks for sharing.

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